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    Tortuozita jako hydrologická charakteristika?
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    Karel Jahoda
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    Tortuosity as a hydrological characteristics?
    Jahoda, Karel
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    Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics
    Roč. 47, č. 2
    s. 93-102
    2 obr., 3 diagr., 7 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: J. Hydrol. Hydromech. (Bratislava)
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    distribuce normální
    model fyzikální
    vodivost hydraulická
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   In the Encyclopaedia of Geologic Sciences [2] the tortuosity is defined as "...a function (square) of the ratio of the travel distance lx of a water particle through a porous zigzagging channel to the shortest distance l between the initial (A) and the terminal (B) points of flow.". This raises the question, why the tortuosity is defined just as (lx/l) , not directly as the ratio (lx/l), clearly characterizing the extension of the travel distance in the zigzagging channel. Another question is, how to apply the tortuosity at the calculation of hydraulic conductivity of the granular environment. This is usually defined as a function of the grain size d10 or, as a case may be, a function of the size heterogenity of grains d60/d10. The point is how to proceed in case in the environment with the size homogenity of grains, where neither d10 nor d60 exist. One such a case was subject to an experimental and theoretical exploration on a physical model.
   As the same time, the problem was being solved whether it is practically possible to achieve the closest (hexagonal) arrangement of the spherical grains of equal size. In this study, an attempt was made to explain the mentioned definitions of tortuosity an to answer the other questions as well
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    25. 3. 2008
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