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    Upper Pleistocene and Holocene Climatic Variations (Variant.)
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    Changing Environments During the Younger Dryas Climatic Deterioration: Correlation of Aeolian and Lacustrine Deposits in Southern Czech Republic
    Climate Warming: Evidence Monitored in the Subsurface
    The Cycle of 2402 Years in Solar Motion and its Response in Proxy Records
    Extraterrestrial Influences on Meteorological Parameters
    Geomagnetic Forcing on Climatic Variations
    Glacial Cycles and Mammalian Biodiversity of Central Europe: Large Scale Migrations or Vicariance Dynamics?
    Historical Climatology and the Study of Climate Fluctuations During the Past Millennium
    Holocene of the Bohemian Karst
    The Holocene Sedimentation in Sandstone Roc kshelters of Northern Bohemia
    Human- and Climate-Induced Changes in the Surface Stream Activity Affecting the Element Cycling
    The Influence of Climate on the České Středohoří Mts. Slope Deformations - Data Analysis since the 18th Century
    Komořanské jezero Lake (CZ, NW Bohemia) - A Unique Natural Archive
    The Last Glacial-Interglacial Temperature C ontrast Directly From the Present Subsurface Temperatures
    Late Glacial and Holocene Climatic Record in a Stalagmite from the Holštejnská Cave (Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)
    Late Pleistocene Climatic Variations in Siberia Based on Loess-Palaeosol Records
    Mires of Šumava Moutains: 13,000-Years of Their Development and Present-Day Biodiversity
    Molluscan and Pollen Assemblages from the Ochozská Cave as Climate Indicators for the Late Glacial and Holocene (Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)
    Outline of Late Glacial and Holocene Vegetation in a Landscape with Strong Geomorphological Gradients
    Oxygen Isotope Climatic Record in a Carbonate Flowstone Layer from a Medieval Underground Mine in the Kutná Hora Ore District
    Palaeoecology of Small Peat Bogs in the Sandstone Region of the NE Czech Republic
    Palaeoenvironmental Implications of Cultural Records from Glacial and Glacigenic Geological Contexts
    Palynological Studies from the Ochozská Cave and from the Šošůvka Part of the Sloupsko-Šošůvská Cave (Moravian Karst)
    Role of the Climatic Factor in Soil Formation at Boubová (Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic)
    Sedimentary Deposits of Bohemian Forest Lakes as an Archive of Pollution by Metals