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    Upper-mantle structure beneath the southern Bohemian Massif and its surroundings imaged by high-resolution tomography
    Babuška, Vladislav
    Karousová, Hana
    Plomerová, Jaroslava
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    článek v odborném periodiku
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    Geophysical Journal International
    Roč. 194, č. 2
    s. 1203-1215
    Projekt: GAP210/12/2381, GA ČR3cav_un_auth*0284896
    Projekt: LM2010008, GA MŠk3cav_un_auth*0273783
    Rozsah: 13 s. : P
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    body waves
    seismic tomography
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   We present a new velocity-perturbation model of the upper mantle down to 300 km retrieved by teleseismic tomography beneath the southern part of the Bohemian Massif (BM) and its surroundings. Though the upper mantle beneath the BM appears as extensive low-velocity heterogeneity in large-scale tomography studies of Europe, our regional study based on data from passive experiment BOHEMA III and the northern part of the ALPASS array reveals also velocity features at scales of similar to 40 km. The most distinct low-velocity perturbations concentrate along the Eger Rift down to similar to 200 km, while velocities at greater depths beneath this rift show high-velocity perturbations relative to the overall low-velocity character of the BM mantle.
    AV ČR Brno, Geofyzikální ústav
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    AV ČR, GFÚ
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    23. 10. 2014