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    Výzkumy magmatických hornin na Lukavicku v Železných horách
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    Jindřich Vodička, Karel Pošmourný
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    Magmatic rocks in the vicinity of Lukavice in the Železné hory Mts. (Czechoslovakia)
    Pošmourný, Karel, 1938-
    Vodička, Jindřich
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    Horniny ve vědách o Zemi
    s. 213-227
    4 obr., 4 fot., 3 s.bibl.
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    hydrotermální alterace
    surovina pyritová
    železnohorské krystalinikum
Geographical name
    Křižanovice (Chrudim)
    Lukavice (Chrudim)
    Nasavrky (Chrudim)
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   Four stages of magmatic activity can be distinguished in the northern part of the Nasavrky pluton. The oldest may be considered the origin of basic volcanites in the Svídnice and Trpišov areas. The effusion of more acid volcanic rocks (rhyolites to dacites), probably of Ordovician age, are typical of the vicinity of the pyrite deposit at Lukavice. The following stage of magmatism is represented by the Hercynian intrusions of Křižanovice and Žumberk granites. The dykes of diorite porphyry and lamprophyric rocks are the youngest. It is supposed that the strongly dynamically metamorphosed and/or hydrothermally altered rocks ("porphyroids") originated both from volcanites of the Lukavice Group and granitoids of the Nasavrky pluton. The most altered argillitized magmatic rocks with hydromuscovite can be used as ceramic raw material
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    21. 2. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012