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    Vinařická hora Hill Cenozoic Composite Volcano, Central Bohemia: Geochemical Contraints
    Balogh, K.
    Frána, Jaroslav
    Kučera, Jan
    Novák, Jiří Karel
    Řanda, Zdeněk
    Ulrych, Jaromír
    International Conference HIBSCH 2002 Symposium. (03.06.2002-08.06.2002 : Teplá near Třebenice, Česká republika)
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    Bohemian massif
    Vinařická hora Hill
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   Olivine-poor nephelinite of Vinařická hora Hill substantially differs from both olivine nephelinite and olivine-free nephelinite of the Cenozoic volcanic province of the Bohemian Massif. Vinařická hora Hill represents a volcanic relict 31.0-25.5 Ma in age located in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin in central Bohemian area. The very low Mg-value (46.6-49.7), low contents of compatible elements such as Cr(4.9-23.3), Ni(3-55), Co(39-43), Sc(17.0-18.6)(all data in Mu.g g1) and the lack of mantle-type xenoliths evidence differentiation of primary mantel magma. Anomalous enrichment in incompatible elements, particulary in SIGMA.REE (523-589), Zr(601-842), U(2.1-3.1), Th(11.6-13.0), Nb(176-188), Ta(10.5-11.2), is associated with magmatic differentiation manifested in crystallization of apatite, Ti-magnetite + hauyne(?).
   Olivine-poor nephelinite could be derived from carbonated naphelinite magma with high COH2O + CO2 volatile fraction resulting in high viscosity and consequent stopping of magma associated with differentiation and contamination in a crustal reservoir during its ascent to the surface. Such magma could be associated with a highly explosive pyroclast-rich complex volcano of stratovolcanic type. The olivine-poor nephelinite of Vinařická hora Hill belongs to a specific group of nephelinites of the Bohemian Massif characteristically developed in central Bohemia.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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