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    Vlastnosti tektitů typu Muong Nong a jejich vztah k podmínkám vzniku
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    Milan Trnka
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    The properties of Muong Nong type tektites and their relation to the conditions of the origin
    Sborník referátů 7.konference o vltavínech - Znojmo 1996 (Variant.)
    Trnka, Milan
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    Přírodovědný sborník Západomoravského muzea v Třebíči
    Roč. 31
    s. 61-66
    3 obr., 27 bibl.
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    Asie jihovýchodní
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   Splash-form tektites and Muong Nong type tektites are the products of one common event. Both types are connected by mutual transitions. The differentiation of their properties was caused by quantitatively different facial conditions of the origin in their environment of sharp gradients of temperature and pressure. The specific properties of the Muong Nong type tektites represent the result of the rapid adiabatic cooling comes to the end at higher temperatures, conditions for the development of the splash-form tektites appear. The release of the compresion in high viscosity of fluid phase resulted in the division of the fluid phase in biger less homogenous bodies of Muong Nong tektites. Their formation after the division was simple and led to the origin of comparatively big flattened drops. The original shapes were preserved only in relicts, because Muong Nong type tektites tend to rapid division due mainly to selective chemical corrosion
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    27. 12. 2007
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