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    Využití technologie GIS ke zpracování map potenciálních střetů zájmů mezi těžbou a ochranou přírody
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    Dana Čápová
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    Using GIS technology for map processing of potential collision of mineral resources exploration with protected areas of nature
    Čápová, Dana
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    Přehled výsledků geologických prací na ochranu horninového prostředí v roce 1996
    s. 16-17
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    ochrana přírody
    střety zájmů
    systém GIS
    systém informační
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    Česká republika
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   New GIS technology in Geofond of the Czech Republic based on MGE (Intergraph) and ORACLE products makes possible both current management of graphic and attribute data as well as its operative utilization and processing of quality cartographic outputs. It was successfully integrated into internal technology environment and assimilated by users that the project tasks "Map processing of collisions of mineral resources with protected areas and protection of water resources to the scale of 1:100 000 for the whole territory of the Czech Republic" and "Processing of the map of collision of mineral resources with large protected areas of nature" (advanced by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic) was successfully realized using it. The main task was to create a map compositions showing clearly all current or potential mining objects including their basic identification and all objects of environmental protection, groundwater sources and spas.
   The new map edition (62 maps 1:100 000 and 21 thematic maps of large natural protected areas (including their zonality) was completed on 15.5.1996. It was a set of complex map compositions of all types of objects including graphic expression of the degree of conflict between conservation of nature and water and current or potential extraction of minerals. The purpose of this mode of processing was not only the preparation of desired maps but mainly the creation of the GIS project, or complex graphic-attribute database for further processing. Due to the fact this was the first application of the new technology, it was necessary to solve many basic problems - Czech diacritics, compilation of composition in precisely defined superposition to the individual elements, creation of topological operations (conflict of interests) an resultant plotting (testing of materials and setting of plotter). Submitted set of resultant map is a new quality output, where we envisage great utility in future.
   The efficiency of the selected technology was fully proven by this pilot project,
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    20. 2. 2008
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