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    Vzácný nález vltavínu z vídeňské pánve na Moravě
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    Pavel Čtyroký
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    A rare occurrence of a modavite in the Vienna Basin in Moravia
    Sborník referátů 7.konference o vltavínech - Znojmo 1996 (Variant.)
    Čtyroký, Pavel
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    Přírodovědný sborník Západomoravského muzea v Třebíči
    Roč. 31
    s. 132-134
    1 obr., 8 bibl.
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    historie geologie
    vídeňská pánev
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    Hlohovec (Břeclav)
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   An occurrence of a moldavite had been reported by Tauber (1972) from gravels at the vicinity of Hlohovec (Bischofswart) in southern Moravia. Gravels were at that time classified as "Upper Pliocene". The moldavize had been found at the sandquarry E from the main road Valtice - Lednice (see Fig.1). This locality is identical with No.134 in the map of Jüttner (1939). The moldavite was well- rounded, 26x34x39 mm in size and 44,53 in weight. Chemical analysis was done in 1940 at the laboratory of the Reichsamt f.Bodenforschung, Zweigstelle Wien (see Tauber 1942) and it is repeated in the Czech text. Nowadays the gravels and gravely sands at the moldavite occurrence are classified according to a new geological survey (see havlíček et al., 1994) and mammal remains as Upper Pannonian (Upper Miocene). Bones and teeth of Chalicotherium goldfussi Kaup and Dinotherium sp., were found in these gravels in a close vicinity
    Česká geologická služba
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    27. 12. 2007
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