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    Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geographica
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    Česká republika
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    Air pollution and its impact on the agricultural production
    Alpine Pleistocene Glaciations and their Link to Global Paleoclimatic Changes
    The analysis of the suspended and dissolved load in the Berounka river catchment area
    Die auf dem Monitoring der Oberflachengewaesser in ihrer Gewaesserguete im Flussgebiet basierende fluviale Bodenerosionuntersuchung (am Beispiel des Flussgebietes Mže)
    Břetislav Balatka, seventy-years old
    Cold-climate landform patterns in the Sudetes : effects of lithology, relief and glacial history
    The consequences of Coal Mining in the Natural Environment of the Karviná Region
    Děčínská termální struktura a Lázně Svatého Josefa
    Determination of characteristic features of slope movements present-day activity by monitoring in thick-bedded sandstones of the Bohemian Cretaceous basin
    Developmental Trends in Remote Sensing of the Earth
    Dynamic Development of the Relief in the Managua Area, Nicaragua
    Dynamic geoinformatic models
    Dynamic relief development and geological risks of the San Cristobal and Casita Volcanic Groups, Nicaragua
    Dynamic relief development and geological risks of the San Cristobal and Casita Volcanic Groups, Nicaragua
    Ecomorphological evaluation of the stream habitat quality and its application on the model area of Rakovnický Stream Basin
    Elbe Project : Principal results of Czech-German cooperation
    Fossil valleys of the Mostecká pánev (Basin)
    Frost-riven cliffs and cryoplanation terraces in the Hostýnské vrchy Hills (east Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Funkce a význam experimentálních a reprezentativních povodí v Československu
    General Geomorphological Maps and Geomorphological Information Systems (case study monitoring of protected areas in East Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    The geodynamics of landforms hazard processes
    Geomorfologické poměry západní části Lišovského prahu a přilehlé části Blatské pánve
    Geomorphic evolution and present-day geomorphic processes of the southern part of the Crimean peninsula (Ukraine)
    Geomorphological analysis and genetic relief classification of the inundation area of the Krkavec dam
    Geomorphological analysis of levelling measurements between Mikulovice village and Jezeří Castle in the Krušné hory Mountains
    Geomorphological Analysis of the Development of the South-Eastern Šumava Granite Region
    Geomorphological analysis of the Stožecká hornatina (Mountains)
    Geomorphological aspects of glaciation in the Oldřichov Highland, Northern Bohemia, Czechia
    Geomorphological aspects of glaciation in the Oldřichov Highland, Northern Bohemia, Czechia
    Geomorphological aspects of slope deformations in the Outer Western Carpathians, Eastern Moravia, Czech Republic
    Geomorphological conditions of the Mlynářův luh experimental watershed in the biosphere reservation of Křivoklátsko
    Geomorphological hazards on stratovolcanoes in Southwest Asia
    Geomorphological research at Machu Picchu
    "Geomorphology and Sustainability" of the 17th Joint International Geomorphology Conference (17-20 August 2004) in Glasgow, UK
    Geomorphology of the Gharesa glacier region in the Karakoram
    Glaciation in the Cordillera Chila, Peru
    Global Change in the Mountains
    Human Impacts on the River Flow: Case Study Upper Oder Basin
    Hydrosynoptic approaches for identification of flood mechanisms
    Impact of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo volcano on the local climate
    The Industrial Area of Ostrava: Functional Changes in its Landscape due to the Transition of the Society, and the Economy in its Landscape
    Installation of the deformometer TM 71 in the Peruvian Andes
    Landslide database for modelling and landslide map production
    Landslide modelling for natural risk/hazard assessment with GIS
    Landuse changes as indicator of flood risk
    Late pleistocene evolution of periglacial and glacial relief in the Karkonosze Mountains : new hypotheses and research perspectives
    Lateglacial/holocene sedimentary record from the Labe source area, the Krkonoše Mts.
    Limits of global change of the cosmological environment since the origin of the Earth
    Lineární eroze půdy v okolí Plas
    Makroreliéf a mezoreliéf Prachovských skal
    Matematičeskoje modelirovanije razvitija reľjefa
    Mladotice lake (Czech republic) - Siltation dynamics in the lake basin
    Monitoring of recent tectonic activity in Italy
    Morphostructural analysis and geomorphological development of the Nedvědička River valley near Pernštejn
    Morphotectonic analysis of the Bohemian Table relief between the Mostecká pánev Basin and the Džbán Table
    Morphotectonic effects in fault zones
    Morphotectonic evidence for chronodynamics of uplift in the East Nepal Himalaya
    Morphotectonic research of the East Sudeten in the Czech Republic and monitoring of present-day tectonic movements
    Náš profesor Josef Kunský
    Některé aspekty vývoje horního toku Sázavy
    Některé aspekty vývoje horního toku Sázavy
    Neotectonic activities in the fault zone of the Cordillera Blanca Mountains
    On distribution of slope deformations in the north-eastern part of the Vizovická vrchovina Highland in Eastern Moravia
    Our professor Josef Kunský
    Preliminary results of 10Be dating of glacial landscape in the Giant Mountains
    Progress in physical geography
    Prologue: An introduction to the dynamic geomorphology of tectonic active zones
    The quality of surface water in the river basin of the Cidlina
    Quaternary development of Kateřinohorská Vault relief in the Krušné hory Mountains
    The Quaternary sculpturing of sandstones in the Rusavská hornatina Mts.
    Quaternary Tectonic Movement Observation
    Recent geodynamic phenomenon in northwestern Bohemia (Central Poohří)
    Recent geomorphological processes in the Nagar region, Hunza Karakoram
    Recent tectonic activity - a review of selected research methods
    La recherche géomorphologique dans la réserve naturelle de Kokořínsko
    Remembering PhDr. Jaroslav Sládek, CSc. (at the occasion of the 75th anniversary of birth)
    Remembering RNDr. Jaroslava Loučková, CSc. (at the occasion of the 75th anniversary of birth)
    Rocks Slopes of the High Tatras Mountains
    Slope deformations in eastern Moravia, Vsetín District (Outer Western Carpathians)
    Slope movements in Callejón de Huaylas, Peru
    Some micromorphological features of the soil in the Nepal Himalayas
    The Study of Environmental Hazards in Extreme Environments as a Frontier for Physical Geography
    A Study of the Surface Textures of Quartz Grains from the Makalu Massif - Sapt Kosi Lowland Section of the Himalayas
    Synthesis of the geomorphological development in the southern part of the Písecká pahorkatina (Hilly land)
    Testing selected methods of geomorphological analysis when studying dynamics of relief-building processes. (Geomorphological analysis of the seismicity active region of Vyšší Brod)
    Transport of suspended sediments in various regions of the Czech Republic
    Trends of water quality of the Elbe River
    The use of morphometric parameters in tectonic geomorphology (on the example of the Western Beskydy Mts)
    Volcanic hazards and jökulhlaups in Iceland
    Z vývoje mapového obrazu české části Krkonoš
    The Železné hory mountains in Central Eastern Bohemia : geologic diversity, multiphase tectonics and geomorphologic phenomena formed the Protested Landscape Region