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    Acta geologica et geographica Universitatis Comenianae. Geologica
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    Alkali metals (K, Na, Rb, Li) and Mg in the process of potassium metasomatism of late cenozoic volcanic rocks from middle Slovakia
    Antigorit aus Metalultramafiten der Westkarpaten unter dem Transmissions-Elektronenmikroskop (TEM)
    Attribution to biostratigraphy of Malcov beds (Magura unit of flysh belt, west Carpathian Mts.)
    Carbonate concretions in Permian variegated sandy shales from the Rudňany region (Spišsko-gemerské Rudoghorie Mts., western Carpathians)
    Coexisting biotites and garnets of paragneisses from the Rudňany area (the Paleozoic, the Spišsko-gemerské rudohorie Mts., west Carpathians)
    Contact metamorphism of granitoid rocks from the region Hnilec, Spišsko-Gemerské rudohorie Mts.
    Determination of potassium feldspars triclinity degree by means of infrared spectroscopy
    Effect of water mixing processes on change of their carbonate equilibrum
    The effects of medium parameters upon the ratio of head wave amplitudes P12S1 and P121
    Engineering geological models for land-use planing documents
    The evolution of Neogene volcanism and its metallogeny in the western Carpathians
    Fund einer Nuss Juglans Bergomensis (Balsamo-Criveli) Massalongo in der Schottergrube vo Moravský Ján (wiener Becken)
    Garnet amphibolites of the Western Carpathians
    Geochemical drainage survey in the Central Slovakian neovolcanic mountains
    Geochemistry of iron group elements in the west Carpathians metabasites
    Inner carpathian neogene basins in relation to the deep structure
    Interpretation of pumping tests on neogene lignite deposit at Pukanec (the western Carpathians)
    Mathematical expression of observed impuls shapes in seismic prospection
    Mordenite in miocene acidic volcanoclastics, the western margin of Zemplínské pohorie Mts.
    The Muráň gneisses - the Kohút crystalline complex, the Western Carpathians
    New aspects on chemical composition of groudwater in relation to weathering processes: the crystalline complex of the western Carpathians
    On the present concepts about the origin of continental sedimentary basins
    One-dimensional modelling of groundwater flow using pocket calculator
    Petrogenesis and accesory Leptinite minerals of the Čierny Balog group (Kráľova Hoľa zone of the Veporide crystalline complex)
    Proper pumping tests - inevitable condition for correct interpretation
    Pumping tests in arid areas
    Pumping tests on domestic wells in arid areas
    Rayonierung der Grundwässer im Flussgebiet des Hron nach der Stufe ihrer Agressivität
    Reste von Mastodonten (Mammalia, Proboscidea) aus dem Neogen des Wiener Beckens bei Moravský Ján (Slowakei)
    Sedimentologisches und fazielles Studium der Trias und Lias der Devín - Entwicklung (Malé Karpaty)
    Small computers in groundwater classification
    Spectrochemical determination of contents and distribution homogenity of trace elements in Galenite
    Stratigraphie mitteltriasischer Kale in dem Noteil des Gebirges Strážovské vrchy and Hand von Conodonten (Westkarpaten)
    Subject and methodology of dynamic engineering geology
    Tertiäre Flora des SW-Teiles des Turiec-Beckens (Westkarpaten)
    Uranium mineralization on hydrothermal veins in Novoveská Huta (Spišsko-Gemerské Rudohorie Mts.)
    Vertebratenfauna des Quartärs in der Slowakei
    Ways to rational and efficient field and laboratory investigation in engineering geology