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    Acta montana. Series AB, Geodynamics and fuel, carbon, mineral processing
    Česká republika
Articles from this serial
    Accessory minerals of Ti, Nb, Ta and W as indicators of geochemical evolutions in magmatic rocks and related and hydrothermal systems of the Bohemian Massif
    Chemical structure of coal substance
    Conceptual model for uranium mineralization at the Rožná deposit
    Description of seismic excitation for the aim of safety assessment of structures
    Evaluation of critical stress-strain state of rocks by ultrasonic emission (laboratory studies)
    Holocene evolution of the soil cover of the protected landscape areas of the Czech Republic
    Investigation of the triggering factor leading to an increased landsliding in the Czech Republic due to enormous saturation of rock environment
    Mineral composition of sediments in the water reservoirs and their contamination
    Petrology and mineralogy of the neolithic and aeneolithic artefact in Bohemia