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    Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. A, Mineralogie, Petrologie, Geologie, Paläontologie, Archäozoologie, Anthropologie, Prähistorie
Articles from this serial
    Adaptyxis n.gen. (Umboniidae, Nerineacea, Gastropoda) from the Mirdita Zone of Albania; remarks on the early phylogeny of the Nerineacea
    Ammonoids from the Aptian (Lower Cretaceous; Upper Austria) of the Northern Calcareous Alps
    Campanian Grünbach Flora of Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: preliminary floristics and palaeoclimatology
    The Campanian Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: palaeoecological interpretations
    The chemistry of amber - facts, findings and opinions
    Diplodus sp. (Sparidae, Perciformes): a new fossil record of an articulated skeleton from Devínska Nová Ves (Upper Badenian, Vienna Basin, Slovakia)
    Diptyxis Oppenheim (Nerineacea, Gastropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Albania. On the distribution of the genus Diptyxis
    The early Vallesian vertebrates of Atzelsdorf (Late Miocene, Austria). 9., Hippotherium (Mammalia, Equidae)
    Evolution of the Cenozoic marine avifaunas of Europe
    Die Fischotolithen des Badenien von Gainfarn, Niederösterreich (Mittelmiozän, Wiener Becken)
    Gobius brevis (Agassiz, 1839), a gobiid fish with otoliths in situ (Pisces, Teleostei) in the Karpatian (Lower Miocene) of the Vienna Basin : dedicated to our friend and colleague Ortwin Schultz for his 65th birthday
    Josef Emanuel Hibsch (* 26.3.1852 Homole, Tschechische Republik, + 4.11.1940 Wien). Sein wissenschaftliches Wirken nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg in Österreich
    A Late Pleistocene wolverine Gulo gulo (Linné, 1758) skeleton from the Sloup Cave in the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic
    Lower Badenian fish otoliths of the Styrian and Lavanttal basins, with a revision of Weinfurter´s type material
    The Miocene flora of Parschlug (Styria, Austria) - revision and synthesis
    A new loon (Aves: Gaviidae) from the middle Miocene of Austria
    New palaeontological and biostratigraphical data on the Klement and Pálava Formations (Upper Cretaceous) in Austria (Waschberg-Ždánice Unit)
    New species of Longodromitidae Schweitzer and Feldmann, 2009, from the Ernstbrunn Formation, Late Jurassic (Tithonian), Austria
    A new tropicbird (Aves, Phaethontidae) from the late Miocene of Austria
    Nine new genera and 24 new species of the Munidopsidae (Decapoda: Anomura: Galatheoidea) from the Jurassic Ernstbrunn Limestone of Austria, and notes on fossil munidopsid classification
    Note complémentaire sur ľichthyofaune oligocene de Seifhennersdorf (Saxe, Allemagne) et de Varnsdorf, Kundratice, Lbín, Skalice, Knížecí, etc. (Boheme, République tcheque) : pour Ortwin Schultz, a ľ occasion de son 65e anniversaire
    On a Prodeinotherium bavaricum (Proboscidea, Mammalia) skeleton from Franzensbad, Czech Republic
    Preliminary results of magnetostratigraphic investigations across the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary strata at Nutzhof, Austria
    Revision of Jurassic Homoloidea De Haan, 1839, from the Ernstbrunn and Štramberk limestones, Austria and the Czech Republic
    Revision of the Prosopinae sensu Glaessner, 1969 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) including four new families, four new genera, and five new species
    Taxonomic identity of Eostega lebedinskyi Lambrecht, 1929 (Aves) from the middle Eocene of Romania
    Taxonomic identity of Fringilla radoboyensis von Meyer, 1865 (Aves) from the middle Miocene of Croatia
    Vertebrates from the Early Miocene lignite deposits of the opencast mine Oberdorf (Western Styrian basin, Austria): 4. Aves