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    Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
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Articles from this serial
    3D heterogeneous staggered-grid finite-difference modeling of seismic motion with volume harmonic and arithmetic averaging of elastic moduli and densities
    Comment on "Distance dependence of Ms and calibrating function for 20 second Rayleigh waves" by M. Herak and D. Herak
    Discrimination between local microearthquakes and quarry blasts by multi-layer perceptrons and Kohonen maps
    Disputable non-double-couple mechanisms of several strong earthquakes: second-degree moment approach
    Long-period pulses in broadband records of near earthquakes
    Non-double-couple earthquake mechanism as an artifact of the point-source approach applied to a finite-extent focus
    Position of the disastrous 1999 Puebla earthquake in the seismotectonic pattern of Mexico
    Reply to comments on "Crustal anisotropy from local observations of shear-wave splitting in West Bohemia, Czech Republic" by G. H. R. Bokelmann and J. Kawahara: Can the Hudson crack model describe behavior of real cracks?
    Resolution of non-double-couple mechanisms: simulation of hypocenter mislocation and velocity structure mismodeling
    Seismic network calibration for retrieving accurate moment tensors
    Strong-motion fluid rotation seismograph
    Toward understanding subtle instrumentation effects associated with weak seismic events in the near field
    Tutorial on earthquake rotational effects: historical examples