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    Engineering of Biomaterials
Articles from this serial
    Adhesion and growth of cells in culture on carbon-carbon composites with different surface properties
    Adhesion, differentiation and immune activation of human osteogenic cells in cultures on carbon-fibre reinforced carbon composites
    Biocompatibility of C-C composites covered with PyC and p-HEMA
    Biocompatibility of C-C Composites Covered with PyC and pHEMA
    Bioinspired nanocomposite structures for bone tissue regeneration based on collagen, gelatin, polyamide and hydroxyapatite
    Biomaterials based on polysiloxanes and glass bibers
    Influence of nanoparticles additivies on mechanical properties of fabric reinforced composites
    Measurement of surface properties of pyrolytic graphite for biomedical applications
    Mechanical behavior of polymer-matrix biocomposites modified by nano/micro additives
    Mechanical properties of composites based on glass fibers and siloxane as biomaterial
    Mechanical Properties of Composites Based on Glass Fibers and Siloxanes as Biomaterial
    Osteoblast-like MG63 cells in cultures on carbon fibre-reinforced carbon composites
    Some in - vitro biocompatibility tests of carbon-carbon composites and preparation of bone plates
    Study of the surface properties of C-C composites as biomaterials
    Various reinforcements of the C/C composite bone plates and their influence on mechanical properties