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    Velká Británie
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    Bond forms of methane in porous system of coal
    Bond forms of methane in porous system of coal II
    CFD simulations of the effect of wind on the spontaneous heating of coal stockpiles
    Critical evaluation of sequential extraction and sink-float methods used for the determination of Ga and Ge afinity in lignite
    Influence of Chemical Changes of the Isotropic Matrix on Physical Properties of Mesophase Pitch
    Mechanical decarbonylation of Coal
    The microporous phase of carbonaceous substances and its fractal dimension
    On the Composition of Volatiles Evolved During the Production of Carbon Adsorbents from Vegetable Wastes
    Relation between texture and rheological properties of mesophase pitch
    Structural Dependence of CH bond absorptivities and consequences for FTIR analysis of coals
    Temperature programmed desorption of coal gases - Chemical and carbon isotope composition