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    Geologica carpathica - Clays
    Geol. carpath., Clays.
Articles from this serial
    The cambisoils on varies parent rocks in the Mts. Krušné hory
    Clay mineralogical investigations of Tertiary clay from northern Bohemia
    Clay minerals - humic acid systems: Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
    Crystal structure refinement and twinning of cronstedtite 2H2
    Crystal structures of two synthetic ferruginous cesium micas: crystal chemistry and implications for refinement techniques
    Dehydration and rehydration of natural Mg-vermiculite
    Distortions of coordination polyhedra in phyllosilicates and their influence on the diffraction pattern
    Extraction of Cu(II) from bentonites by electro-ultafiltration method
    Hydrothermal synthesis of Cs-Fe trioctahedral ferruginous micas
    Illitization of illite-smectite in the Jurassic and Paleogene of the eastern Bohemian Massif in relation to organic maturation and thermal history
    Ion exchange reactions of zinc and cadmium with Na-montmorillonite
    Modified electrodes: Sorption of Cu (II) on montmorillonite-humic acid system
    Molecular simulations of the montmorillonite structure intercalated with aluminium complex cations
    Prediction of cesium, strontium, radium and uranium adsorption on a freshwater sediment model
    Reactions of bentonite with dodecyl-benzyl-dimethylammonium bromide and N-(1-(ethoxykarbonyl)pentadecyl)-trimethylammonium bromide
    Readily HCl-soluble iron in the fine fractions of some Czech bentonites
    The state of accumulation and source relations of Co, Ni, Cr, Be and Zn in silt-clay sediments of the Elbe River
    Tuffites of the Carpathian Neogene Foredeep (Upper Eggenburgian-Ottnangian, Lower Badenian): mineralogy and geochemistry
    XRD profile analysis of intercalated montmorillonites
    XRD profile analysis of intercalated montmorillonites