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    Journal of Conference Abstracts
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    Application of MAGIC on a forest dieback affected catchment in the Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic
    Beryllium chemistry in the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    Biogeochemical fluxes of manganese in a Central - Bohemian forested catchment on granite bedrock
    Biogeochemical fluxes of manganese in a central - Bohemian forested catchment on granite bedrock
    Cathodoluminescence (CL) of magmatic quartz: Applications to topaz granites from the Hub stock (Slavkovský les Mts., Czech Republic)
    Changes in mass element fluxes and their importance for critical loads (GEOMON network, Czech Republic)
    Critical load of heavy metals in soils calculated from mass balance in small watersheds
    Effects of altitude and tree species on delta34S of deposited sulphur (Jezeří catchment, Czech Republic)
    Environment quality in the Czech Republic at the regional level (evaluation of the results from Košetice observatory)
    Factors controlling streamwater chemistry changes during hydrological episodes (Jezeří catchment, Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic)
    Levels of heavy elements in plants - result of heavy metal remobilisation and plant-soil interaction
    Mobility of REE in hydrothermal uranium deposits as natural analogue of HLWR
    Modeling forecast of acidification and recovery in the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
    N isotope study of acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Organic solutes and the recovery of a bog stream from chronic acidification
    Rate of weathering estimated from monitoring of small catchments and PROFILE modeling
    REE-Y-U-Th rich accessory minerals in topaz-albite granites of the Karlovy Vary pluton (Czech Republic)
    Results after six years of clean precipitation treatment at the Gardsjön Covered Catchment Experiment - good news or bad news?
    Strontium chemostratigraphy as an indicator of age and duration of reef sedimentation: a case study from Koněprusy Reef of Pragian age (Devonian, Central Bohemia)
    Sulphur isotope dynamics in two mountaintop forest catchments in the Black Triangle, Central Europe
    Trends in water chemistry of acidified Bohemian lakes since 1984