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    Journal of Seismology
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    The 2008 West Bohemia earthquake swarm in the light of the WEBNET network
    The 2008 West Bohemia earthquake swarm in the light of the WEBNET network
    Accuracy of the master-event and double-difference locations: synthetic tests and application to seismicity in West Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Adaptation of the S-5-S Pendulím Seismometer for Measurement of Rotational Ground Motion
    Designs and test results for three new rotational sensors
    Discrimination of Earthquakes and Explosions using Multi-fractal Singularity Spectrums Properties
    Effects of 1-D versus 3-D velocity models on moment tensor inversion in the Dobrá Voda area in the Little Carpathians region, Slovakia
    Isoseimal maps drawing by the kriging method
    Isoseismal maps drawing by the kriging method
    Moment tensor decompositions revisited
    Moment tensor inversion for two micro-earthquakes occurring inside the Haje gas storage facilities, Czech Republic
    Prediction of magnitude of the largest potentially induced seismic event
    Problematic non-double-couple mechanism of the 2002 Amfilochia Mw5 earthquake, Western Greece
    Regional structure modelling and source inversion for the 1992 Roermond earthquake
    Rotaphone, a mechanical seismic sensor system for field rotation rate measurements and its in situ calibration
    Smoothing the source time function - a tool to soften inadequate modelling of the medium during inversion of local waveforms?
    Two attempts of study of seismic source from teleseismic data by simulated annealing non-linear inversion
    The Western Bohemia Uppermost Crust Shear Wave Velocities from Love Wave Dispersion