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    Mineralogia Polonica
Articles from this serial
    The Au-Ag-Sb-Bi-Te mineralization from the deposit Bytíz (mine 19), the Příbram uranium-polymetallic ore discrit, Czech Republic
    Galena and Ag-minerals from Rožná uranium deposit
    H2O-CO2-NaCl-CH4 fluid inclusions in beryls from pegmatites of the Sudety Mts
    Hematite, hexyhydrite and picromerite group from the mine waste of the coal mine Kukla in Oslavany
    Late Alpine silicification and associated mineralizations in the vicinity of Teplice, northwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Mössbauer study of iron in some vesuvianites
    Post-magmatic origin of garnets in aplites from the Kamienna Góra granite (the Žulová granitic pluton, SW Poland)
    Thermal transformations of the Sedlec kaolin in the light of changes of the specific surface area
    Trace element chemistry and textures of low-temperature pyrites associated with shallow fossil subsurface geothermal discharge in the Eger Graben, northwestern Bohemia
    Vanadium-rich tourmaline from graphitic rocks at Bítovánky, Czech republic; compositional variation, crystal structure