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    Sborník Národního muzea v Praze. Řada B, Přírodní vědy
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    Česká republika
Articles from this serial
    Actinopterygians of the Central Bohemian Carboniferous Basins
    An assortment of palaeopathological findings from the anthropological collection of the Institute of Archaeology in Prague in funds of the National Museum
    Beitrag zur Erkenntnis der Pb-Sulfoantimonaten (III)
    Beitrag zur Mineralogie der Jamesoniten
    Bibliography of prof. RNDr. Zlatko Kvaček, DrSc.
    Camouflage and mimicry in fossils. 1 : general part
    Carboniferous fertile branch Sporangiostrobus feistmantelii (O.FEISTMANTEL) NĚMEJC and its miospores from the Kladno Basin, Bohemian Massif
    Complements to the anatomical knowledge of Cyclurus macrocephalus Reuss (Pisces, Actinopterygii) from the Eocene of Kučlín, Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Devonian brachiopods of the Tamesna Basin (Central Sahara; Algeria and North Niger). Part 1
    Early Miocene flora of the Cypris Shale (western Bohemia)
    Early Oligocene flora of Seifhennersdorf (Saxony)
    Early Oligocene insect fauna from Seifhennersdorf (Saxony, Germany)
    Fische des Nordboehmischen Braunkohlenbeckens
    Flora and vegetation of the roof of the main lignite seam in the Bílina Mine (Most Basin, Lower Miocene)
    Floras and vegetation of Tertiary fluvial sediments of Central and Northern Bohemia and their equivalents in deposits of the Most Basin (Czech Republic)
    Frič museum in Lázně Bělohrad
    The frog from Seifhennersdorf
    Gemnacrinus perplexus n. gen., n. sp. (Crinoidea, ?Camerata or ?Inadunata) from Lower Devonian of Bohemia
    The genus Pygmaeocrinus Bouška, 1947 (Crinoidea, Inadunata) in the Devonian of the Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
    Impact process: An important geological phenomenon
    In honour of the 70th birthday of Zlatko Kvaček
    In memoriam RNDr. Erwin Knobloch (*7.9.1934-?11.4.2004)
    Isolated ossicles of the family Eospondylidae Spencer et Wright, 1966, in the Lower Devonian of Bohemia (Czech Republic) and correlation of the systematic position of eospondylid brittlestars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Oegophiurida)
    A juvenile Trachinus minutus (Pisces, Perciformes, Trachinidae) from the Middle Oligocene of Litenčice (Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Knowledge of the Carboniferous and Permian actinopterygian fishes of the Bohemian Massif - 100 years after Antonín Frič
    Kosovina, a new Silurian tryblidiid genus (Mollusca, Tergomya) from Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Lingulate and craniate brachiopods from the top of the Králův Dvůr Formation (latest Katian) and their contribution to palaeogeography
    Lingulate brachiopods of the Silurian and Devonian of the Barrandian (Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Linguliformean and craniiformean brachiopods of the Ordovician (Třenice to Dobrotivá Formations) of the Barrandian, Bohemia
    List of publications of Professor RNDr. Blanka Pacltová, CSc.
    Lower Wenlock Chitinozoa from the Bykoš locality (Silurian, Prague Basin, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    Mid-latitude Palaeogene floras of Eurasia bound to volcanic settings and palaeoclimatic events - experience obtained from the Far East of Russia (Sikhote-Alin´) and Central Europe (Bohemian Massif)
    The Middle Ordovician tergomyan mollusc Pygmaeoconus: an obligatory epibiont on hyolithids
    Monspeliensina and Spiroloxostoma, paleogeografically significant foraminiferal genera from the "Rzehakia (Oncophora) Beds" (Upper Ottnangian, Miocene) in the South Slovak Basin (Central Paratethys)
    Morphologic variability in Lower Palaeozoic acritarchs: importance for acritarch systematics
    Muscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian Family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    Neue oder wenig bekannte Pflanzenarten aus den Perucer Schichten (Cenoman) der Böhmischen Masse
    Neue oder wenig bekannte Pflanzenarten aus der Perucer Schichten (Cenoman) der Böhmischen Masse
    New classification of the genus Cordaites from the Carboniferous and Permian of the Bohemian Massif, based on cuticle micromorphology
    New cycad foliage of Pseudoctenis babinensis from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    New data and revision of three gymnosperms from the Cenomanian of Bohemia - Sagenopteris variabilis (Velenovský) Velenovský, Mesenea bohemica (Corda) comb. n. and Eretmophylum obtusum (Velenovský) comb.n.
    New data on the osteology of the actinopterygian fish Amblypterus and the relationship between Amblypterus and Paramblypterus
    New fossil Aculeata from the Oligocene of the České středohoří Mts. and the Lower Miocene of the Most Basin in northern Czech Republic (Hymenoptera: Alpidae, Vespidae)
    Ökologie der Fischassoziation im miozänen Flözdach des Nordböhmischen Braunkohlenbeckens
    Oligocarpia lindsaeoides (ETTINGSHAUSEN) STUR and its spores from the Westphalian of Central Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Oligocene flora of Bechlejovice at Děčín from the neovolcanic area of the České středohoří Mountains, Czech Republic
    The Oligocene volcanic flora of Kunratice near Litoměřice, České středohoří Volcanic Complex (Czech Republic) - a review
    Ordovician Tergomya and Gastropoda (Mollusca) of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco)
    Ordovician Tergomya and isostrophic Gastropoda (Mollusca) of Bohemia: Types and referred specimens in the collections of the National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
    Oribatid mite fossils from Quaternary and pre-Quaternary sediments in Slovenian caves I. Two new genera and two new species of the family Oppiidae from the Early Pleistocene
    Ostracodes from the Dobrotivá Formation (Ordovician, Bohemia)
    Ostracodes from the Letná Formation (Ordovician) of Blýskava (Bohemia)
    Overview of the stratigraphy and initial quantitative biogeographical results from the Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha Unit (Ossa-Morena Zone, W Portugal)
    Pannonian vegetation from the northern part of Vienna Basin
    Patelliconus Horný, 1961 and Mytoconula gen. n. (Mollusca, Tergomya) from the Ordovician of Perunica
    Plasiacystis mobilis, gen. et sp.n., a strange "carpoid" (Echinodermata, ?Homoiostelea: Soluta) in the Bohemian Ordovician (Czech Republic)
    Porambonites havliceki sp. nov., a new brachiopod from the Šárka Formation (Darriwilian) from Bohemia and its contribution to early history of the Porambonitidae
    Preface [Seifhennersdorf: A window on early Oligocene volcanic ecosystems]
    Reconstruction of vegetation development in floodplain of the Litavka River in Holocene (Central Bohemia, Brdy Mts.)
    A review of the early Miocene mastixioid flora of the Kristina Mine at Hrádek nad Nisou
    Revision of Early Miocene plants preserved in baked rocks in the North Bohemian Tertiary
    Revision of Kettnerites Žebera, 1935 (Scolecodonta, Silurian of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic): preliminary results
    Revision of morphology and ecology of Bohemura jahni Jaekel, 1903 (Ophiuroidea, Protasteridae) from bohemian Middle Ordovician
    Revision of the cyprinids from the Early Oligocene of the České středohoří Mountains, and the phylogenetic relationships of Protothymallus LAUBE, 1901 (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Gobioninae)
    Rocky coast facies of the Unhošť-Tursko High (late Cenomanian-early Turonian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin)
    The role of types in palaeobotanical nomenclature
    Sabellidae and Serpulidae (Polychaeta, Canalipalpata) from the locality Kaňk - Na Vrších in Kutná Hora (Upper Cenomanian - Lower Turonian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin - the Czech Republic)
    Die Säugetiere aus dem Untermiozän des Chomutov Beckens - 1. Chalicotheriidae (Mammalia, Perissodactyla)
    Die Säugetiere aus dem Untermiozän von Tuchořice in Nordwestböhmen. I., Die fossilen Nashörner (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae)
    Secondary shell deposits and presumed mode of life in Sinuites (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
    Siliceous microfossils from the Oligocene tripoli-deposit of Seifhennersdorf
    Silicified brachiopods of the Kotýs Limestone (Lochkovian) in the Bubovice area (Barrandian, Bohemia)
    Silurian and Devonian foraminifers and other acid-resistant microfossils from the Barrandian Area
    Sipho-cameral structures in some Silurian cephalopods from the Barrandian area (Bohemia)
    Some monocot pollen taxa from the Lower Miocene basal coaly deposits of the Czech and Polish parts of the Żytawa (Zittau) Basin
    Some oligopygoids of the genus Haimea Michelin (Echinoidea) from the Eocene of Cuba
    Spesovicornea pacltovae gen. nov. et sp. nov., a new elateroid sporomorph from the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic)
    Sulfoantimonate (III) von der Lokalität Baeita, Sozialistische Republik Rumänien
    Supergene minerals from Horní Slavkov
    Tertiary flora and vegetation of the Hlavačov gravel and sand and the surroundings of Holedeč in the Most Basin (Czech Republic)
    To celebrate the 80th birthday of the outstanding scientist: Professor RNDr. Blanka Pacltová, CSc.
    Trace fossils in "Flora der Vorwelt" by K. Sternberg and in Sternberg's palaeontological collection, National Museum, Prague
    Transparent loess heavy minerals of Napajedla surroundings
    Tremadocian trilobites of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    Two new species of brittle-stars (Ophiuroidea, Protasteridae) from the Upper Ordovician of Bohemia