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    Scripta facultatis scientiarum naturalium Universitatis Masarykianae brunensis
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    Česká republika
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    Applications of zeolites in health sciences
    Chemical processes in carbonate-rich and clays rich rocks under light microscope and results of chemical staining techniques
    Chemistry of cowlesite from Žežice, Bohemia
    Chemistry of zeolites from King George Island, Antarctica
    Chlorites from hydrothermal veins in the Moravian-Silesian culm
    Chlorites of banded magnetite ores from Desná group (silesikum, Czech Republic)
    Composition changes in silurian shales - conclusion based on calcitic concretions research
    Coordination polyhedra in natrolite-type zeolite structures
    Dachiardite from Svojanovice, Czech Republic
    Darf man Schwermineralkonzentrate bei ihrer laboratorischen Bearbeitung vierteln?
    Denudations- und Akkumulationsphasen im Spätglazial und im Holozän in der Umgebung von Brno
    An environmental impact of the pyritic bauxite from Dajti mine, Albania
    The experience with application on a Fritsch C22 granulometer in practice
    Fluvial tertiary sediments in the vicinity of Chvalatice (SW Moravia)
    Genesis of the soil cover of Přední Kobyla site (Bohemian karst): the role of clay
    Geologická a mikroklimatická charakteristika speleoterapeutické léčebny na 2.patře ložiska Zlaté Hory-jih
    Geologické faktory a mikroklima speleoterapeutické léčebny v Javoříčských jeskyních
    Geology of the carbonate evolution of the devonian and the Lower Carboniferous near Grygov, Přerov, Sobíšky and Hranice (Northern Moravia)
    Illite crystallinity and vitrinite reflectance in relation to thermal history of the paleozoic in the SE part of the Rhenohercynian Zone (Moravia)
    Intercalation of Na-montmorillonite with tetraalkyl-(aryl) ammonium cations
    Kinetic model of smectite-to-illite evolution (SMILE) as a tool for thermal history analysis of sedimentary basins
    Kinetics of the release of Silicon and Aluminium from Aluminosilicates into Aqueous Mildly Acid Solutions
    Layer structure factor and profile analysis in the low-angle region of the powder XRD of clays
    Mineralogy and weathering of Pb-Zn slags from Příbram (Czech Republic)
    Minettes of the Železné hory mountains (Iron Mts.), Eastern Bohemia
    Mixed-layer crystal structures of the hydrobiotite type in tuffs of the Doupovské hory Mts. region
    Molecular modelling on intercalated clay minerals
    Old Biharian from the Malá Dohoda quarry (Moravian Karst)
    The possibility of the complex exploration of gravel pit at Mohelnice
    Rare earth elements as indicators of premetamorphic mineral composition of orthoamphibolites
    Recent allophane coatings from the karst and pseudokarst caves
    The recent formation of spherical clay balls on sedimentary basin slopes
    Regional Distribution of Chromium and Nickel in Moldanubian MORB-derived Amphibolites of the Bohemian-Moravian Heights
    Removal of As V, Cr VI, CR VI, and V V from solutions by calcined hydrotalcite and regeneration of used sorbent
    Results and interpretation of the strain analysis of the Culmian conglomerates in the quarry near Hostěradice
    Results of preliminary studies of the molluscan fauna from the Rohožník locality
    The role of pedogenesis during sedimentary cycle, Cheb basin, West Bohemia, Vildštejn Formation, Pliocene
    Sedimenty rhenohercynika na Moravě a v Ardenách a jejich deformace
    Serpentine-group minerals in ultrabazic rocks of the Brno massif (the Bohemian Massif) metabasite zone
    Stone of a gothic pieta from Toruň (Poland)
    Structure of intercalated phyllosilicates
    Study of ion-exchange on vermiculite by means of carbon paste electrode
    Theoretical argilology as a base for the application of sealing and sorbent clays
    Trendové analýzy foraminiferových společenstev karpatu ve vrtu Nosislav-3