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    Surveys in Geophysics
Articles from this serial
    Association between extraterrestrial phenomena and weather changes in the Northern Hemisphere in winter
    Climate history inferred from borehole temperatures, data from the Czech republic
    Comment on the seismic method Depth-Recursive Tomography on Grid (DRTG) developed by Miroslav NovotnĂ˝ and recently published in three papers in Surveys in Geophysics
    Depth-Recursive Tomography Along the Eger Rift Using the S01 Profile Refraction Data: Tested at the KTB Super Drilling Hole, Structural Interpretation Supported by Magnetic, Gravity and Petrophysical Data
    Depth-recursive tomography along the Eger Rift using the S01 profile refraction data: tested at the KTB super drilling hole, structural interpretation supported by magnetic, gravity and petrophysical data
    Depth-recursive tomography of the Bohemian Massif at the CEL09 transect-Part A: Resolution estimates and deblurring aspects
    Depth-recursive tomography of the Bohemian Massif at the CEL09 transect-Part B: Interpretation
    Refraction tomography of the Bohemian Massif structures: a critical review and reply to the Comments of Hrubcová et al. (2013)
    Solar-terrestrial and climatic phenomena in relation to solar inertial motion
    Structural preconditions of West Bohemia earthquake swarms
    Tracing an Intra-montane Fault: An Interdisciplinary Approach