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    Čína jižní
    Acritarch stratigraphy at the Tremadoc-Arenig boundary
    Biogenic origin of intergrown Mo-sulphide- and carbonaceous matter in Lower Cambrian black shales (Zunyi Formation, southern China)
    Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope records of Devonian brachiopod shell calcite
    Cosmopolitan arthropod zooplankton in the Ordovician seas
    Differentiation and spread of the Baltic Acritarch Province (Arenig-Llanvirn)
    Early evolution of the genus Eoparastaffella (Foraminifera) in Eurasia: the "interiecta group" and related forms, Late Tournaisian to Early Viséan (Mississippian)
    Environmental impacts of mining of Ni-Mo black shale-hosted deposits in the Zunyi region, southern China: Preliminary results of the study of toxic metals in the system rock-soil-plant
    Fractionation of toxic trace elements in soils around Mo-Ni black shale-hosted mines, Zunyi region, southern China : environmental implications
    Geochemistry and origin of tin-polymetallic sulfide deposits hosted by the Devonian black shale series near Dachang, Guangxi, China
    Geochemistry of host rocks and role of organic matter in the precipitation of cassiterite-sulfide ores at the Dafulou deposit, Dachang tin field (south China)
    Global time scale and regional stratigraphic reference scales of Central and West Europe, East Europe, Tethys, South China, and North America as used in the Devonian-Carboniferous-Permian Correlation Chart 2003 (DCP 2003)
    Hydrogeologická problematika kuželového krasu regionu Guangxi v jižní Číně
    Impact of Lower Cambrian black shales and exploited Mo-Ni black shale - hosted deposits on the trace element composition of soils and crop plants in the Zunyi Region, Guizhou Province, South China
    The importance of black shales in the origin of tin-polymetallic ores in the Dachang ore district, South China
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in South America and Marine Offlap on other Continents
    Long stalked eocrinoids in the basal Middle Cambrian Kaili Biota, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, China
    Model'naja sistema petrochimičeskich i metallogeničeskich trendov granitoidov kak osnova prognoza mestoroždenij Sn, Li, Ta, Nb, W, Mo, Cu
    Náplavový kužel na okraji pouštní pánve
    New data on the origin of Lower Cambrian Mo-Ni-PGE black shales in Guizhou Province, South China
    Organic matter dispersed in rocks - objective characterization, relation to natural and antropogenic processes
    PGE-kovonosné černé břidlice v jižní Číně: mechanismus jejich obohacení a environmentální aspekty - výsledky projektu v roce 2003
    PGE-kovonosné černé břidlice v jižní Číně: mechanismus jejich obohacení a environmentální aspekty
    PGE-kovonosné černé břidlice v jižní Číně: mechanismus jejich obohacení a environmentální aspekty
    Tin-polymetallic sulfide deposits in the eastern part of the Dachang tin field (South China) and the role of black shales in their origin
    A trilobite spawning ground with possible egg clusters from the Middle Cambrian strata of Guizhou, South China
    Úloha černých břidlic při vzniku ložisek cín-polymetalických rud v oblasti dachangského rudního revíru v jižní Číně
    The use of mantle normalization and metal ratios in the identification of the sources of platinum-group elements in various metal-rich black shales
    Widespread occurrence of microscopic pores in conulariids
    Zemětřesení v Číně v provincii Sichuan dne 12.5.2008