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    The acritarch genus Veryhachium Deunff 1954: taxonomic evaluation and first appearance
    Addendum (1) zu Basse & Weddige (2004): Typen-Katalog der Trilobiten-Sammlung des Naturmuseums und Forschungsinstituts Senckenberg : Typen und Typoide des Senckenberg-Museums, Nr. 87
    Almadén ve Španělsku - nejvýznamnější ložisko rtuti na světě
    La aportación del ingeniero de minas Casiano de Prado (1799-1866) a la teoría de la "Fauna Primordial" de Joachim Barrande (1799-1883)
    Araucarien in der Kreide von Europa
    Assemblage épibenthique a hyolithes, tabule epizoaire et ostracode beyrichiacea du Dévonien inférieur du Maroc et d'Espagne
    Beryllium in Metamorphic Environments (emphasis on aluminous compositions)
    Beryllium in Silicic Magmas and the Origin of Beryl-Bearing Pegmatites
    Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope records of Devonian brachiopod shell calcite
    Chitinozoan implications in the palaeogeography of the East Moesia, Romania
    Comments on the GSSP for the basal Emsian stage boundary: the need for its redefinition
    Comparative analysis of the floods in Prague (Czechia) and in Seville (Spain): seen from the geographical viewpoint
    A comparison of pecopterids from several European localities and Canada (Asturian-Stephanian)
    Correlation of selected late Cenozoic European mammal faunas with the magnetic polarity time scale
    Diaphus Otoliths from the European Neogene (Myctophidae, Teleostei)
    Differentiation and spread of the Baltic Acritarch Province (Arenig-Llanvirn)
    Distribution paléogéographique des mollusques bivalves durant l´Ordovicien
    Earliest Pragian (Early Devonian) corals and stromatoporoids from reefal settings in the Cantabrian Zone (N Spain)
    Early arvicolids from the Ruscininan (Early Pliocene) of the Teruel Basin, Spain.International Symposium "Evolution, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy of Arvicolids (Rodentia, Mammalia)"
    Early Devonian conodont succession from the section of the Čertovy schody Quarry (Koněprusy, Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    Early Miocene birds of Tuchořice, Czech Republic
    The early paradoxidid harlani trilobite fauna of Massachusetts and its correlatives in Newfoundland, Morocco, and Spain
    Early Pragian conodont-based correlations between the Barrandian area and the Spanish Central Pyrenees
    European Roofing Slates. Part 2, Geology of Selected Examples of Slate Deposits
    Evolution of community composition in several carnivore palaeoguilds from the European Pleistocene: the role of interspecific competition
    Faktory působící na krajinu a obyvatele při těžbě surovin a příklady opatření ke zmírnění a regulaci ekologických důsledků
    Final'nyj vulkanizm Jevropy i jego geodinamičeskaja priroda
    El género Parabailiella Thoral, 1946 (Trilobita) en el Cámbrico medio de las Cadenas Ibéricas (NE de Espana)
    Glossinotoechiidae (Braquiópodos uncinuloideos) del Devónico de la Cordillera Cantábrica (N de Espana)
    High-pressure granulites: formation, recovery of peak conditions and implications for tectonics
    Iberirhynchiidae nueva familia de rinconélidos ancistrorhynchoideos (braquiópodos) del Ordovício Medio al Devónico Inferior de Euroamérica y Gondwana
    The illitization of dickite: chemical and structural evolution of illite from diagenetic to metamorphic conditions
    Incisor enamel microstructure and its implications to higher-level systematics of Eurasian Oligocene and Early Miocene hamsters (Rodentia)
    Informace o 1. mezinárodní konferenci o profesionální geologii
    Intrusion-related gold deposits associated with tungsten-tin provinces
    Intrusion-related gold systems: the present level of understanding
    Iron-bacterial mediation in Phanerozoic red limestones: State of the art
    Las Médulas zlatá pokladnice římské říše : ruina montium
    Late Miocene to Early Pliocene vegetation of southern Europe (7-4 Ma) as reflected in the megafossil plant record
    The latest Ordovician Hirnantia Fauna (Brachiopoda) in time and space
    Lochkovian conodonts from Podolia, Ukraine, and their stratigraphic significance
    Los museos del oro en Europe
    Lower and Middle Cambrian brachiopods from the Iberian Chains and Sierra Morena (Spain)
    Machaeracanthus goujeti n. sp. (Acanthodii) from the Lower Devonian of Spain and northwest France, with special reference to spine histology
    Magnetism of subfossil and fresh wood: initial reports
    Magnetostratigraphic and petromagnetic studies of the Jurassic/Cretaceous limestones from the Río Argos (Caravaca, SE Spain), Carcabuey (S Spain) and the Bosso Valley (Umbria, central Italy)
    Mezinárodní geomorfologická konference "Geomorfologie v environmentálně kontrastních regionech" - Zaragoza 2006
    Microlite and tantalite in the LCT granitic pegmatites of La Canalita, Navasfrías Sn-W District, Salamanca, Spain
    Middle and Late Miocene spatial temperature patterns and gradients in Europe - preliminary results based on palaeobotanical climate reconstructions
    Middle Cambrian gogiid echinoderms from Northeast Spain: Taxonomy, palaeoecology, and palaeogeographic implications
    Middle Cambrian pterobranchs and the Question: What is a graptolite?
    Middle Ordovician harknessellid brachiopods (Dalmanellidina) from the Mediterranean margin of Gondwana
    The mineral parageneses and mineralogical evolution of the ophiolitic eclogites and related rocks from the Sierra Nevada (Betic Cordillera, Southeastern Spain)
    Morphologie, Taxonomie und Phylogenie unter-devonischer Brachiopoden aus der Dra-Ebene (Marokko, Prä-Sahara und dem Rheinischen Schiefergebrige (Deutschland)
    Nález koninckitu u Litošic a jeho srovnání se světovými výskyty
    Neue Einblicke in ein altes Gebirge - die variscide Kruste in Mitteleuropa
    New and revised occurrences of rhynchonelliformean brachiopods from the middle Cambrian of the Iberian Chains, NE Spain
    New data on Telychian (Upper Llandovery, Silurian) graptolites from Spain
    New evidence of gastropod affinities for some key bellerophontiform molluscs
    Obsahy stopových prvků v hnědém uhlí evropských a světových ložisek. I.Evropské pánve - 2.část
    Obsahy stopových prvků v hnědém uhlí evropských a světových ložisek III. (1. část)
    Ochrana povrchových a podzemních vod při provádění staveb a jejich provozu
    On the identification of magnetostratigraphic polarity zones
    The Ordovician acritarch genus Coryphidium
    Origin of eclogite and garnet pyroxenite from the Moldanubian zone of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic and its implication to other mafic layers embedded in orogenic peridotites in the world
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Palaeogeographical controls on the Cambrian trilobite immigration and evolutionary patterns reported in the western Gondwana margin
    Palentiella palentina n.g. n.sp. (braquiópodo Camarotoechioidea) del Eifeliense Superior de la región Palentina (Cordillera Cantábrica Oriental, N de Espana)
    Palynology and recognition of the Silurian/Devonian boundary in some British terrestrial sediments by correlation with Cantabrian and other European marine sequences - a progress report
    Petrology, geochemistry and metamorphic evolution of the ophiolitic eclogites and related rocks from the Sierra Nevada (Betic Cordilleras, Southeastern Spain)
    Petromagnetic and palaeomagnetic investigations of Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones aimed at magnetostratigraphy in the Mediterranean area
    Přepisování evoluční historie lidského rodu : revoluce v paleoantropologii v roce 2013
    Pumpellyite and coexisting minerals in metapelites and veins from the Federico units in the Internal Zone of the Rif, Spain
    Regional-scale Cretaceous albitization in the Pyrenees: evidence from in situ U-Th-Pb dating of monazite, titanite and zircon
    Relationships Between Acid Ions and Carbonaceous Fly-Ash Particles in Deposition at European Mountain Lakes
    Revision of Permo-Carboniferous griffenflies (Insecta: Odonatoptera: Meganisoptera) based upon new species and redescription of selected poorly known taxa from Eurasia
    A revision of the lower Pennsylvanian "Alethopteris lonchitica (auctorum) and its identity with "Alethopteris urophylla"
    Síra, stopové prvky a chemicko-technologické charakteristiky v databázi evropských a světových černouhelných pánví. 1. část
    Solanichnium spinari n. ichnogen, n.sp. and Monomorphichnus lineatus Crimes et al. 1977, new trace fossils in the Carpathian flysch sediments in Czechoslovakia
    Spine asymmetry in chonetoidean brachiopods: an example of reiterated heterochronies linked to intra-Devonian events
    Stratiformní pyrit - polymetalické ložisko Aznalcóllar ve Španělsku
    Structural continuity and multiple alternative stable states in Middle Pleistocene European mammalian communities
    Structural properties of ferromagnesian cordierites
    Succinite and some other fossil resins in Poland and Europe (deposits, finds, features and differences in IRS)
    A summary of results of magnetostratigraphic and micropalaeontological investigations of the J/K boundary strata in the Tethyan realm
    A systematic revision of Selenopeltis (Trilobita: Odontopleuridae) with description of new material from the Ordovician Anti Atlas region, Morocco
    Trace element geochemistry by laser ablation ICP-MS of micas associated with Ta mineralization in the Tanco pegmatite, Manitoba, Canada
    Typen-Katalog der Trilobiten-Sammlung des Naturmuseums und Forschungsinstituts Senkenberg : Typen und Typoide des Senckenberg-Museums, Nr. 86
    Upper Silurian fossils of Bohemian type from NW Spain and their palaeogeographical significance
    Well logging for checking the quality of reservoir dams and sealing walls
    Why is 'red marble' red?
    Za pyritem do španělského Navajúnu
    Zahraniční aktivity MND
    Závěrečná zpráva o činnosti ZO ČSS 1-02 Tetín za rok 1993