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    15N variations in forest soil along a N-S European transect - the effect N deposition on soil organic nitrogen
    About the nomenclature and the type locality of the elbaite: a historical review
    Annual Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes in Soils Along the European Forest Transect, Determined Using 14C-Bomb
    Bildungstiefe und Bildungszeitpunkt von frühen Klüften in Granitplutonen
    Biotic and Abiotic Controls Over Ecosystem Cycling of Stable Natural Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulphur Isotopes
    Calibration of Chitinozoa versus graptolite biozonation in the Wenlock of Builth Wells district (Wales, U.K.), compared with other areas in Avalonia and Baltica
    Carbon Mineralisation in European Forest Soils
    Catchment hydrology and acidification recovery at the Gardsjön covered catchment experiment
    Catchment-Scale Acidification Reversal Experiment at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden - Assessment of the Experimental Design
    Changes in the Soil Solution Chemistry After Exclusion of Acid Deposition
    Chemical changes in acid runoff along its pathway through granitic minicatchment in Stormyra Basin, Sweden
    Chitinozoans in the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds of the East Baltic
    Climate change and mobilization of mercury in forest soil: Effects of artificially increased precipitation on mercury and methylmercury in run off
    Les collections du département de géologie et de paléontologie du Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Geneve. 71. La collection générale (Trilobita)
    Covered catchement experiment at Gardsjön: changes in runoff chemistry after four years of experimentally reduced acid deposition
    Covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön: Changes in runoff chemistry after 4 years of experimentally reduced acid deposition
    The Covered Catchment Site : A Description of the Physiography, Climate and Vegetation of Three Small Coniferous Forest Catchments at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden
    Cretaceous angiosperm flowers: Innovation and evolution in plant reproduction
    The development of mean water chemistry and the significance of acid episodes during 15 years of declining acid deposition
    Differentiation and spread of the Baltic Acritarch Province (Arenig-Llanvirn)
    Do Kiruny za železnou rudou
    Does Acidification Polici Follow Research in Northern Sweden? The case of Natural Acidity during the 1990's
    Does elevated nitrogen deposition or ecosystem recovery from acidification drive increased dissolved organic carbon loss from upland soil? A review of evidence from field nitrogen addition experiments
    Dynamic modelling at Integrated Monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    Environmental S isotope fractionations: An update
    Evidence for rapid environmental changes in low latitudes during the Late Silurian Lau Event: the Burgen-1 drillcore, Gotland, Sweden
    Evolution and paleogeography of Eospirifer (Spiriferida, Brachiopoda) in Late Ordovician and Silurian
    Experimental Sites in the NIPHYS/CANIF Project
    Gastropods and tergomyans from the Upper Ordovician (Viru-Harju) of the Fagelsang area, Scania, southern Sweden
    General and comparative considerations of whole-rock and mineral compositions of Precambrian iron-formations and their implications
    Granica ordowik/sylur - poziomy graptolitowe a chronostratygrafia: problemy i nowe koncepcje
    Haleniusite-(La) from the Bastnäs deposit, Västmanland, Sweden: a new REE oxyfluoride mineral species
    The Hydrology of the Covered Catchment : Water Storage, Flowpaths and Residence Times
    Increased nitrogen in runoff and soil following fourteen years of experimentally-increased nitrogen deposition to a coniferous-forested catchment at Gardsjön, Sweden
    The influence of long-term N-fertilization on episodic leaching of nitrate from a small forested catchment at Gardsjön, Sweden
    Interactions Between the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles and the Role of Biodiversity: A Synopsis of a Study Along a North-South Transect Through Europe
    Jak se u nás mají revitalizace?
    Jevy spojené s odtáváním sněhové pokrývky v tundrové zóně Krkonoš
    Kambričtí agnostidní trilobiti z ledovcových souvků z Píště (severní Morava, ČSFR)
    Kryogenní kopečky - pounus - ve Skandinávii a v Krkonoších
    MAGIC applied to roof experiments (Risdalsheia, N; Gardsjön, S; Klosterhede, DK) to evaluate the rate of reversibility of acidification following experimentally reduced acid deposition
    MAGIC library - a novel tool to assess acidification of lakes in Sweden
    Magic Modelling of Long-term Lake Water and Soil Chemistry at Abborrträsket, Northern Sweden
    Magnetic fabric around fractures in the Bohus granite, southwestern Sweden
    The Middle Cambrian paradoxidid trilobite Hydrocephalus from Jämtland, central Sweden
    Model Analysis of Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Picea and Fagus Forests
    Modelling Soil Acidification in a Roofed Catchment : Application of the SAFE Model
    Modelling the Hydrology of the Covered Catchment
    Modelling the recovery from acidification at the covered catchment experiment, Gardsjön, Sweden
    Modern and Palaeozoic iron ooids - a similar volcanic origin
    Nejbohatší typové lokality světa
    New Silurian-Devonian pseudophorid gastropods
    New Silurian nautiloids Phragmoceras Broderip, 1839, and Tubiferoceras Hedström, 1917, from the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Nitrogen saturation induced by experimental addition of ammonium nitrate to a forested catchment at Gardsjön, SW Sweden
    The oldest available fossil arachnid name
    Ostracods in the Palaeozoic?
    Palaeoecology and palaeogeographic relations of the Silurian phragmoceratids (Nautiloidea, Cephalopoda) of the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Paleorekonstrukce vegetačního vývoje krajiny a vzniku, vývoje a kolapsu kupovité palsy v Abisku v oblasti Torneträsk (Švédsko) v holocénu
    Platanoid staminate inflorescence and its associated foliage from the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic)
    Poznatky z prospekce rud ve středním Švédsku
    Provenance of siliciclastic sediments (Permian to Jurassic) in the Central European Basin
    Průzkum meteoritického kráteru Siljan ve Švédsku hlubokým vrtem 1 Gravberg
    Recovery from acidification and eutrophication - interactions between atmospheric deposition and forest management
    Recovery from acidification during ten years of the covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön, Sweden, followed by four years after the roof was removed
    Recovery from Acidification in the Forested Covered Catchment Experiment at Gardsjön : Effects on Biogeochemical Output Fluxes and Concentrations
    The relationship of tilt and twist of fringe cracks in granite plutons
    Results after six years of clean precipitation treatment at the Gardsjön Covered Catchment Experiment - good news or bad news?
    Rubidium- and cesium-dominant micas in granitic pegmatites
    Silurian Bio-Events
    Similarity between C, N and S stable isotope profiles in European spruce forest soils: implications for the use of delta34S a tracer
    Simulating the Gärdsjön Covered Catchment Experiment with the MAGIC Model
    Soil Nitrogen Turnover : Mineralisation, Nitrification and Denitrification in European Forest Soils
    The Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone as the mantle edge of Baltica lithosphere: new evidence from three-dimensional seismic anisotropy
    Sphalerite composition and ore genesis at the Tumurtijn-ovoo Fe-Mn-Zn skarn deposit, Mongolia
    Stable isotope ratios of chemically separated carbon forms in 210Pb-dated peat monoliths: Role of temperature and wetness
    Steps toward a global standard for Ordovician stratigraphy
    Swedish lakes: modelling the recovery from acidification in response to the declining atmospheric deposition
    Swedish national monitoring data for regional modelling of acidification in 143 lakes
    Sympozium o impaktových strukturách Fenoskandie
    Taxonomie und Systematik der Hippocaridoidea POJETA & RUNNEGAR, 1976 (n. superfam.) (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)
    Taxonomy, evolution and biostratigraphical importance of the Llandovery graptolite Spirograptus
    Teleseismic observations from the Baltic Shield lithosphere beneath Sweden
    Trends in sulphur and nitrogen deposition fluxes: GEOMON network, Czech Republic
    Unusually preserved Metaconularia manni (Roy, 1935) from the Silurian of Iowa, and the systematics of the genus
    Using LANDSAT TM data for mapping of the Quaternary deposits in Central Sweden
    Vyvařované půdy tundry Krkonoš a Abisko Mts - předběžná srovnávací studie
    Významný progres scheelitovej flotácie
    Wenlock (Silurian) oceanic episodes and events
    Zoned REE-enriched dravite from a granitic pegmatite in Forshammar, Bergslagen province, Sweden: an EMPA, XRD and LA-ICP-MS Study