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    Austr├ílie-New South Wales
    Establishing correlations between magma emplacement and faulting using statistical map analysis: examples from the northwestern Bohemian Massif (Germany/Czech Republic) and the northern Lachlan Fold Belt (Australia)
    The occurrence of dioctahedral chlorite in greisen
    Pragian conodont zonal classification in Nevada, western North America
    A revision of Lochkovella Chlup├íc, 1972 (Arthropoda: Trilobita) and species from Lilydale and Tyers. Part 5, Phacopidae of Victoria
    Spine asymmetry in chonetoidean brachiopods: an example of reiterated heterochronies linked to intra-Devonian events
    Two Mississippian Caenogastropod limpets from Australia and their meaning for the ancestry of the Caenogastropoda