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Geographical name
    Bechlejovice (Děčín)
    Archaeotriton basalticus (V. Meyer, 1859)(Urodela, Salamandridae) aus dem Unteroligozän von Hammerunterwiesenthal (Freistaat Sachsen)
    Climatic oscillations versus environmental changes in the interpretation of Tertiary plant assemblages
    The České Středohoří magmatic complex in Northern Bohemia 40K-40Ar ages for volcanism biostratigraphy of the Cenozoic freshwater formation
    Diverzita fosilního hmyzu
    Einige neue Erkenntnisse zur oligozänen Flora von Bechlejovice bei Děčín
    Emended characteristics of Cercidiphyllum crenatum (Unger) R. W. Brown based on reproductive structures and pollen in situ
    Floristic changes around Stehlin's Grande Coupure in Central Europe
    Imprints of the bodies of Oligochaete Worms and Leeches in Oligocene Diatomites from Bechlejovice near Děčín
    Reconstruction of Vegetation and Landscape Development during Volcanic Activity in the České Středohoří Mountains
    Sapindaceous affinities of the Pteleaecarpum fruits from the Tertiary of Eurasia and North America
    Die Tertiärflora von Kleinsaubernitz bei Bautzen
    Volcanic floras - their importance within the tertiary plant cover of Central Europe