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    Evropa západní
    A Carboniferous Time Scale 2000: Discussion and Use of Geological Parameters as Time Indicators from Central and Western Europe
    The catastrophic flood in February/March 1784 - a natural disaster of European scope
    Correlation of the Quaternary pedostratigraphy from western to eastern Europe
    Crust Activation in Central Europe and their metallogenic importance for the Erzgebirge
    A drying-upward aeolian system of the Bohdašín Formation (Early Triassic), Sudetes of NE Czech Republic: record of seasonality and long-term palaeoclimate change
    Early Palaeozoic rift-related magmatism in Variscan Europe: fragmentation of the Armorican Terrane Assemblage
    Die Europäische Kristallinzone (EKZ) - eine Übersicht
    Evolution of Middle and Upper Cretaceous Floras in Central and Western Europe
    Fabric evidence in mineralized granites
    Geotectonic position of the Krušné hory (Erzgebirge) tin-bearing batholith in the geological structure of Europe (A Review)
    Gold in metallogeny of the Central and Western European units of the Peri-Alpine Variscan Belt : A review of essential parameters controlling the genesis and distribution of gold deposits
    Gold metallogeny of Central and Western European Variscides
    Jazigos de ouro associados a orogenia hercínica no Maciço da Boémia (República Checa)
    Die känozoischen Filholiidae Wenz 1923. Teil 4, Die eo- und oligozänen Vertreter der Gattung Triptychia, nebst Bemerkungen zur Ökologie und geo- bzw. stratigraphischen Verbreitung der Filholiidae sowie zur Evolution der Gattung Triptychia (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Clausilioidea)
    Konference ředitelů západoevropských geologických služeb (WEGS)
    The late Eifelian rhynchonellid (brachiopod) genus Isopoma Torley, 1934, and Isipomidae n. fam.
    Názory na současné členění karbonu
    Neogene-Recent magmatism and the geodynamics of rifting in Europe
    New data on the osteology of the actinopterygian fish Amblypterus and the relationship between Amblypterus and Paramblypterus
    Reconstruction of palaeoclimatic changes in Central Europe between 10 and 200 thousand years BP, based on analysis of growth frequency of speleothems
    Saxo-Thuringia in the Variscan belt from a geodynamic point of view
    Strojenije verchnej mantii central´noj časti Zapadnoj Jevropy po dannym o fazovych skorostjach poverchnostnych voln
    Structure on unmetamorphosed Variscan tectonic units of the southern Moravo-Silesian zone, Bohemian Massif: a review
    Tabulate corals of Ibarmaghian affinities in the Upper Emsian of Bohemia
    Tectonostratigraphic Units in Variscan Belt of Central Europe