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    Acidification potential of deposition in Norway spruce forests in Finland and the Czech Republic during the 1990´s
    Beryllium in Metamorphic Environments (emphasis on aluminous compositions)
    Compositional data for Bi-Pb tellurosulfides
    Compositional zoning of rapakivi feldspars and coexisting quartz phenocrysts
    Dynamic modelling at Integrated Monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    Geomagnetic Pc3 pulsations during the total solar eclipse on Aug 11, 1999
    Kryogenní kopečky - pounus - ve Skandinávii a v Krkonoších
    Laboratory determination of wollastonite content during exploration for raw material on locality Lobzy, Czech Republic
    Magnetic record of ordinary chondrite chondrules
    Mineralogy of dark mica from the Wiborg rapakivi batholith, southeastern Finland
    Mineralogy of dark micas from the Wiborg rapakivi batholith
    Mylonitic deformation of early Proterozoic tonalite: example of Suomis Jarvi Shear Zone, West Uusimaa Complex, Finland
    PC1 with a broad frequency spectrum - "Goose pulsations"
    Poslední klasici světové petrologie odcházejí: zemřela Enna Hietanen
    Refinement of the structure of "protolithionite" 3T
    Response of drinking-water reservoir ecosystems to decreased acidic atmospheric deposition in SE Germany: signs of biological recovery
    Rubidium- and cesium-dominant micas in granitic pegmatites
    Spolupráce mezi státními geologickými službami a vysokými školami v zahraničí
    Stanovení polycyklických aromatických uhlovodíků v sedimentech
    The structural history and geochemistry of the Lapland granulites, Finland
    Structural properties of ferromagnesian cordierites
    Sulfur isotope values in the Talvivaara Ni-Cu-Zn and Outokumpu Cu-Co-Zn-Ni-Ag-Au deposits: Evidence for a genetic connection between black shale and sulfide ore
    Sympozium o impaktových strukturách Fenoskandie
    The use of mantle normalization and metal ratios in the identification of the sources of platinum-group elements in various metal-rich black shales
    Výzkum krystalinika ve Finsku
    The Workshop "High Temperature-Low Pressure Metamorphism and Deep Crustal Structures": geology and geophysics 90 hand-in-hand (IGCP 304 final meeting)
    Za pargasitem do Pargasu
    Zkušenosti s tvorbou geologických a tematických map ve Finsku