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    The acritarch genus Veryhachium Deunff 1954: taxonomic evaluation and first appearance
    Behaviour of sulfur isotopes in the atmosphere, forest soils and mosses across Europe
    Bildungstiefe und Bildungszeitpunkt von frühen Klüften in Granitplutonen
    Biogeographical distribution patterns in MId- and Late Palaeozoic Conocardioida (Mollusca: Rostroconchia)
    Distribution paléogéographique des mollusques bivalves durant l´Ordovicien
    Early evolution of the genus Eoparastaffella (Foraminifera) in Eurasia: the "interiecta group" and related forms, Late Tournaisian to Early Viséan (Mississippian)
    Environmental S isotope fractionations: An update
    Isotope systematics of sulfate-oxygen and sulfate-sulfur in six European peatlands
    A Middle and Late Cambrian age for the Booley Bay Formation, County Wexford, Ireland: New acritarch data and its implications
    Nomina dubia der Hippocardioidea (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)
    Příprava hornického muzea v mědirudné oblasti v Allihies v Irsku
    The relationship of tilt and twist of fringe cracks in granite plutons
    Revision der Familie Hippocardiidae POJETA & RUNNEGAR, 1976 (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)
    Skeletal homologies, phylogeny and classification of the earliest asterozoan echinoderms
    Sulfur isotope inventories of atmospheric deposition, spruce forest floor and living Sphagnum along a NW-SE transect across Europe
    Sulfur mobility in peat
    Sulphur isotopic study of two seismic sphagnum bogs i.t. west Brit. Isles
    Taxonomie und Systematik der Hippocaridoidea POJETA & RUNNEGAR, 1976 (n. superfam.) (Mollusca; Rostroconchia)