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    Kosoř (Praha-západ)
    Assemblage of phyllocarid crustaceans in the Silurian and Devonian of Bohemia and their analogues
    Comments on facies development and stratigraphy of the Devonian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Cyclicity and duration of Lower Devonian stages: Observations from the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Dacryoconarides du genre Nowakia dans le Praguien du bassin de Prague (Dévonien inférieur, République tcheque)
    Evolutionary dynamics of Pragian Dacryoconarida (Lower Devonian, Tentaculitoidea): evidence from palaeontological data and delta 13C of marine carbonates from Czech Republic
    First homalonotid trilobites from the Devonian of Bohemia and their significance
    Microfacies analysis of Silurian and Devonian type sections (Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    Mineralogy and petrology of some artefacts from Kosoř near Prague
    Shell morphology, muscle insertions and mode of life of the Lower Devonian Cyclocyrtonella (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    Studie hornin-artefaktů z lokality Kosoř