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    Mořina (Beroun)
    Comments on facies development and stratigraphy of the Devonian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Discinid Brachiopods from the Kopanina Formation (Silurian) of Amerika quarries near Mořina, Barrandian, Central Bohemia
    Geochemical study of calcite veins in the Silurian and Devonian of the Barrandian Basin (Czech Republic): evidence for widespread post-Variscan fluid flow in the central part of the Bohemian Massif
    Silurian (Gorstian) gastropod assemblage in the America anticline north of Karlštejn (Barrandien area, Bohemia) - preliminary report
    Systematic position of Cyrtoneritimorpha within the class Gastropoda with description of two new genera from Siluro-Devonian strata of Central Europe
    Terciér - Neogén
    Využití fotogrammetrické metody Rolleimetric pro geotechnické hodnocení skalních svahů