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    Načetín (Chomutov, Chomutov)
    Acidification potential of deposition in Norway spruce forests in Finland and the Czech Republic during the 1990´s
    Atmospheric deposition in spruce forests in Bohemia - the filtering approach
    Calcium and strontium isotope signals in forest soil environments during recovery from anthropogenic acidification
    Loss of nutrients due to litter raking compared to the effect of acidic deposition in two spruce stands, Czech Republic
    Modeling of tree species influence on long-term soil acidification (Načetín, Ore Mts., Czech Republic)
    N isotope study of acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Soil Mg and Ca depletion as a result of experimental litter raking in two spruce forests, Czech Republic
    Sulphur isotope characteristics of two North Bohemian forest catchements
    Sulphur isotope dynamics in two mountaintop forest catchments in the Black Triangle, Central Europe