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    7th International Symposium "Cultural Heritage in Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy, Leiden (The Netherlands)"
    13C variations in forest soil and soil solution DOC along a N-S European transect - preliminary data
    15N variations in forest soil along a N-S European transect - the effect N deposition on soil organic nitrogen
    Brachiopod Gyrosoria Cooper, 1973 - a comparative palaeoecological, stratigraphical and taxonomical study
    Carboniferous and Permian noeggerathialean plants and their spores; preliminary report
    Cesty za poznáním - část. 2. Některá muzea a veřejnosti zpřístupněné doly v Polsku, Německu, Nizozemí a Maďarsku
    Contribution of the N.E.W.S. project supported by the cities of Brno and Utrecht to the geology of Léon in Nicaragua
    Cunninghamites ubaghsii (Taxodiaceae?) from the Maastrichtian type area (Late Cretaceous, SE Netherlands) rediscovered
    Discinites cf. jongmansii Hirmer from the Carboniferous of the Intrasudetic Basin (Czech Republic)
    Early Miocene seeds of Schisandra moravica (Mai) Gregor from the Czech Republic
    Erosion of plane bed by sand slurry current in pipe
    Foreword ; Continental Collision and the Tectonosedimentary Evolution of Forelands: Mechanics of Coupling and far-field Deformation (Un)Coupled, August 31-September 2, 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Abstract volume
    Geralinura carbonaria (Arachnida; Uropygi) from Mazon Creek, Illinois, USA, and the origin of subchelate pedipalps in whip scorpions
    Large-scale erosion rates from in situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides in European river sediments
    The macroseismic map of the 1992 Roermond earthquake, the Netherlands
    Morfotektonické rysy epicentrální oblasti zemětřesení mezi Roermondem a Heinsbergem
    Plio-Pleistocene megacycles: record of climate and tectonics
    Podzemní lomy v okolí Maastrichtu : Zpráva o akci TMS Permon Sint Pietersberg 2002
    Radon behaviour in spring water of Bad Brambach (Vogtland, Germany) in the temporal vicinity of the 1992 Roermond earthquake, the Netherlands
    A review of the Carboniferous colonisation of non-marine environments by ostracods
    River terraces of the Vltava and Labe (Elbe) system, Czech Republic, and their implications for the uplift history of the Bohemian Massif
    Similarities between the Upper Cretaceous (Senonian) floras from Bohemia and the Aachen-Limburg area
    Spolupráce mezi státními geologickými službami a vysokými školami v zahraničí
    Tertiary Avian Localities of Holland
    Výroční zasedání organizace FOREGS (Forum evropských geologických služeb)
    Život jako geologická síla. Úvahy nad knihou P. Westbroeka