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    Acidification of groundwater and its impact on surface water: comparison of the small catchments in Norway and Czech Republic
    Beryllium in Metamorphic Environments (emphasis on aluminous compositions)
    Continental crust at mantle depths: key minerals and microstructures
    Detrital zircon ages: a key to understanding the deposition of deep marine sandstones in the Norwegian Sea
    Does elevated nitrogen deposition or ecosystem recovery from acidification drive increased dissolved organic carbon loss from upland soil? A review of evidence from field nitrogen addition experiments
    Dynamic modelling at Integrated Monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    Effect of cyanobacterial growth on biotite surfaces under laboratory nutrient-limited conditions
    European Roofing Slates. Part 2, Geology of Selected Examples of Slate Deposits
    Expedice Troms '88
    Factors affecting the content of heavy metals in bulk atmospheric precipitation, throughfall and streamflow in central Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Fibrous nanoinclusions in massive rose quartz: The origin of rose coloration
    The formation of stromatactis-type fenestral structures during the sedimentation of experimental slurries - a possible clue to a 120-year-old puzzle about stromatactis
    Gastropods and tergomyans from the Upper Ordovician (Viru-Harju) of the Fagelsang area, Scania, southern Sweden
    General and comparative considerations of whole-rock and mineral compositions of Precambrian iron-formations and their implications
    Kryogenní kopečky - pounus - ve Skandinávii a v Krkonoších
    MAGIC library - a novel tool to assess acidification of lakes in Sweden
    Mössbauer study of iron in some vesuvianites
    Norská vlajka na nové vědeckovýzkumné lodi
    Norské fjordy
    Overview of the geology and Tectonics of UHPM
    Present trends and the future of zircon in geochronology: laser ablation ICPMS
    Preservation of the samarskite structure in a metamict ABO4 mineral: a key to crystal structure identification
    The relationship of tilt and twist of fringe cracks in granite plutons
    Relationships Between Acid Ions and Carbonaceous Fly-Ash Particles in Deposition at European Mountain Lakes
    Silurian graptolites from North Cape turbidites
    Some observations on bactritid cephalopods
    A tale of two orogens: the contrasting T-P-t history and geochemical evolution of mantle in high- and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terranes of the Norwegian Caledonides and the Czech Variscides
    Whewellit a jeho výskyty
    Za kongsberským stříbrem
    Za minerály pegmatitů alkalických syenitů do okolí Larviku v jižním Norsku