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    Osek (Rokycany, Rokycany)
    The Middle Ordovician tergomyan mollusc Pygmaeoconus: an obligatory epibiont on hyolithids
    Moulting in Ordovician dalmanitoid and acastoid trilobites of the Prague Basin : preliminary observation
    Patelliconus HornĂ½, 1961 and Mytoconula gen. n. (Mollusca, Tergomya) from the Ordovician of Perunica
    Peelipilina, a new tergomyan mollusc from the Middle Ordovician of Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Pellets independent of or associated with Bohemian Ordovician body fossils
    Plasiacystis mobilis, gen. et sp.n., a strange "carpoid" (Echinodermata, ?Homoiostelea: Soluta) in the Bohemian Ordovician (Czech Republic)
    Skeletal homologies, phylogeny and classification of the earliest asterozoan echinoderms
    The trilobite Protostygina and the composition of the Styginidae, with two new genera