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Geographical name
    Podlesí (Karlovy Vary)
    Chemické složení turmalínů z granitů krušnohorského batolitu a jeho pláště (01-34 Rolava, 01-43 Horní Blatná, 01-44 Vejprty, 11-21 Karlovy Vary, 11-12 Kraslice, 11-23 Sokolov)
    Evolution of fractionated granite magma in multiple-opened system: Example from the Podlesí granite stock, Czech Republic
    Experimental testing of line rocks in Li-F granites: evidence from superliquidus experiment with F and P added
    Fluid Inclusion Planes vs. Fracturing in PTP-3 Borehole at Podlesí Granite Stock (Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic)
    From explosive breccia to unidirectional solidification textures: magmatic evolution of a phosphorus- and fluorine-rich granite system (Podlesí, Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic)
    Investigation of granite inhomogeneity with well logging methods
    Mineralogical evidence of vertical zonality in a highly fractionated P-rich rare metal-bearing granite system, Podlesí, Czech Republic
    Mineralogy of extremely fractionated phosphorus-rich granite - Podlesí, Czech Republic
    Neue Brabantit-Vorkommen in Sn-Graniten des Erzgebirges und des Slavkovský les
    Phosphorus- and fluorine-rich granite system at Podlesí (Excursion stop No.3)
    Phosphorus and rubidium in alkali feldspars: case studies and possible genetic interpretation
    Phosphorus in alkali feldspars - possible constrains of granite genesis interpretation
    Podlesí - the story of material and structural evolution of fluorine- and phosphorus-rich granite magma
    Sn-W-Pb-Ta disseminated mineralization in Li-mica granite at Podlesí
    Trace elements and growth patterns in quartz: a fingerprint of the evolution of the subvolcanic Podlesí Granite System (Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic)