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    Beryllium in Silicic Magmas and the Origin of Beryl-Bearing Pegmatites
    Borehole ground surface temperature history and coupling between ground and air temperatures: A case study from a thermometric well near Evora, Portugal
    Characterization of the Parakidograptus acuminatus graptolite Biozone in the Silurian of the Barrancos region (Ossa Morena Zone, South Portugal)
    Correlation of Neoproterozoic to Cambro-Ordovician rock units of the Ossa-Morena, the Central-Iberian and the Saxo-Thuringian Zones (Portugal, Germany)
    Cretaceous angiosperm flowers: Innovation and evolution in plant reproduction
    The Devonian brachiopod collections of Portugal - a palaeontological heritage
    Faktory působící na krajinu a obyvatele při těžbě surovin a příklady opatření ke zmírnění a regulaci ekologických důsledků
    Ferronigerite with dominant substitution TiSn-1 in muscovite+chlorite aggregate from massive quartz nodule associated with a petalite-rich aplite-pegmatite of the Barroso-Alvao pegmatite field, Northern Portugal
    Hirnantian glaciomarine diamictites - evidence for the spread of glaciation and its effect on Upper Ordovician faunas
    Iberopora bodeuri GRANIER & BERTHOU 2002 (incertae sedis) from the Plassen Formation (Kimmeridgian-Berriasian) of the Tethyan Realm
    Isokite : new occurrence and new data
    Krása hydrotermální mineralizace W-Cu(Ag)-Sn ložiska Panasqueria v Portugalsku
    Middle and Late Miocene spatial temperature patterns and gradients in Europe - preliminary results based on palaeobotanical climate reconstructions
    Obsahy stopových prvků v hnědém uhlí evropských a světových ložisek. Evropské pánve - 1.část
    The Odivelas Limestone: evidence for a Middle Devonian reef system in western Ossa-Morena Zone (Portugal)
    OH defects in cassiterite
    Organic-walled microplankton from the Upper Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha black shales (W Portugal) and its paleobiogeographical implications: preliminary results
    Overview of the stratigraphy and initial quantitative biogeographical results from the Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha Unit (Ossa-Morena Zone, W Portugal)
    The P. acuminatus Biozone in the Silurian of Barrancos Region (Ossa Morena Zone, South Portugal)
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Pb -isotope study of selected European Sb-mineralizations
    PGE distribution in massive sulfide deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
    Possible roles of organic carbon in the control and genesis of tin deposits
    Projekt MEDALUS (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use)
    Stratigraphic and palaeogeographic distribution of the Ordovician eocrinoid Ascocystites Barrande, 1887 (Echinodermata, Blastozoa)
    A systematic revision of Selenopeltis (Trilobita: Odontopleuridae) with description of new material from the Ordovician Anti Atlas region, Morocco
    Textures of rare-metal granites as exploration tool
    Za beryly do portugalského Assunçaa
    Za minerály do portugalské Panasqueiry