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    Praha-Velká Chuchle
    Carbon and oxygen isotope record across Přídolí to Givetian stage boundaries in the Barrandian basin (Czech Republic)
    Carbon isotope stratigraphy of Lochkovian to Eifelian limestones from the Devonian of central and southern Europe
    Delta13C record across the late Silurian Lau event: New data from middle palaeo-latitudes of northern peri-Gondwana (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
    Emplacement mechanisms of the thrust sheets in the Barrandian (Bohemian Massif)
    Epigenetic dolomitization of the Přídolí formation (Upper Silurian), the Barrandian basin, Czech Republic: implications for burial history of Lower Paleozoic strata
    Exoskeletal structures and ultrastructures in Lower Devonian dalmanitid trilobites of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    The global stratotype section and point of the lower Pragian boundary
    The global stratotype section and point of the Silurian-Devonian boundary
    Global time scale and regional stratigraphic reference scales of Central and West Europe, East Europe, Tethys, South China, and North America as used in the Devonian-Carboniferous-Permian Correlation Chart 2003 (DCP 2003)
    Lochkovian/Pragian GSSP revisited: evidence about conodont taxa and their stratigraphic distribution
    Metamorphosed carbonates of Krkonoše Mountains and Paleozoic evolution of Sudetic Terranes (NE Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Muscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian Family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    Nový mezinárodní stratotyp ve spodním devonu Barrandienu
    The occurrence and analysis of crude-oil indicia in the Barrandian basin
    Petrografický výzkum opuštěného dolomitového lomu v Přídolí u Velké Chuchle, Barrandien
    Platanus-Blätter aus der Oberkreide von Böhmen and Mähren
    Pragian conodont zonal classification in Nevada, western North America
    Remarks on the biostratigraphy and ecostratigraphy of the genus Cheirurus Beyrich, 1845 from the Silurian of Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Sedimentology of the Lochkovian-Pragian boundary interval in the Lower Devonian of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    Two little-known trilobites from the Bohemian Upper Ordovician
    Two new species of brittle-stars (Ophiuroidea, Protasteridae) from the Upper Ordovician of Bohemia
    Zpráva o sedimentologických výzkumech hraničního intervalu lochkov-prag ve spodním devonu Barrandienu (12-42 Zbraslav)