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    Rumburk (Děčín)
    Das Dohnaer Massif in der südöstlichen Elbezone
    Excursion to the Frýdlant and Šluknov promontories - Genesis of the Jizera orthogneisses; localities of their protoliths : Granodiorit-Granit-Komplex der Lužické hory
    New geological mapping in the Czech part of the Lusatian Massif and its tectonic and geochemical implications
    Principal Directions and Asymmetrical Zoning of Cenozoic Volcanics in the Lužické hory Mts. and the Adjacent Area, N Bohemia
    Studium jílové frakce sedimentů kontinentálního zalednění v České republice
    Tertiäre Maare rund um den Egergraben
    Zircon ages of high-grades gneisses in the eastern Erzgebirge (Central European Variscides) - constraints on origin of the rocks and Precambrian to Ordovician magmatic events in the Variscan foldbelt