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    Ancestral forms of Bohemian type Bivalvia from the lower Silurian of Siberia (Tungusskaja Syneclise, Russia)
    Bogatyje borom sljudy i chlority iz miarolovych pegmatitov
    Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope records of Devonian brachiopod shell calcite
    Cardiola signata community (Bivalvia) in Cephalopod limestones from Tajmyr (Gorstian, Silurian, Russia)
    Catastrophic implications on global climatic change and cold regions of Euroasia
    The crystal structures of lavendulan, sampleite, and a new polymorph of sampleite
    Current status of Quaternary research in Siberia
    Distribution paléogéographique des mollusques bivalves durant l´Ordovicien
    The early paradoxidid harlani trilobite fauna of Massachusetts and its correlatives in Newfoundland, Morocco, and Spain
    Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    Exkurze Sljudjanka
    Geologo-mineralogičeskije osobennosti krupnych mestoroždenij urana (na primerach Pršibramskogo i Strel'covskogo rudnych polej)
    Integrated environmental impact of heavy metals on soil-water systems as exemplified by the biogeochemical behaviour of lead
    Klima v posledním glaciálu
    Lapis lazuli z oblasti Bajkalu
    Late Pleistocene Climatic Variations in Siberia Based on Loess-Palaeosol Records
    Late Quaternary loess-paleosol successions in southern Siberia : implications for northern hemispheric climatic teleconnections
    Loess research in Eurasia: new aspects in geochronology
    Mestorožděnija urana s novym tipom černevoj mineralizacii: fosfatnym
    Middle Cambrian pterobranchs and the Question: What is a graptolite?
    Minerály Pd-Pt norilského revíru (severní Sibiř, Rusko)
    Natur- und Geotopschutz vs. Tourismus und Geotourismus in Nationalparken
    O krupnych gidrotermal´nych mestoroždenijach urana
    Ordovician organic-walled microphytoplankton (acritarch) distribution: the global scenario
    Paleowinds and magnetoclimatology in Siberia
    Pollen genus Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    Predposylki formirovanija krupnych gidrotermal'nych i ekzogenno-epigenetičeskich uranovych mestoroždenij
    The Ševětín astrobleme - product of an impact, tectonic style or cryptovolcanism?
    Tantalum mineralization in the apical part of the Cínovec (Zinnwald) granite stock