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    Rusko-Sibiř západní
    Diversity of vegetation types and modern pollen spectra in the Western Sayan Mts., southern Siberia
    Experimental testing of line rocks in Li-F granites: evidence from superliquidus experiment with F and P added
    Late-Quaternary loess-palaeosol record from the Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Krasnojarsk region, Siberia
    Loess-palaeosol stratigraphy in the Yenisey basin, Southern Siberia
    Magnetic susceptibility and remanence record of the Kurtak loess, southern Siberia, Russia
    Magnetoclimalology: Teleconnection between the Siberian loess record and North Atlantic Heinrich events
    A Middle Pleistocene palaeolithic site at Usť-Izhul', Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Siberia
    Pleistocene environments and palaeolithic occupation of the Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Krasnoyarsk region
    Zelený grosular 'tsavorit' ze severní Sibiře