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    Týřovice (Rakovník, Rakovník)
    Association of fossils and history of research at the Týřovice-"Pod hruškou" locality (Middle Cambrian, Skryje-Týřovice Basin, Barrandian area)
    Biometric analysis of opercula of Oboedalites oboediens Marek, 1981 (Hyolitha; Middle Cambrian, Skryje-Týřovice Basin, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    The early paradoxidid harlani trilobite fauna of Massachusetts and its correlatives in Newfoundland, Morocco, and Spain
    Functional morphology and paleoecology of some sessile Middle Cambrian echinoderms from the Barrandian region of Bohemia
    A highly diverse trilobite fauna with Avalonian affinities from the Middle Cambrian Acidusus atavus Zone (Drumian Stage) of Bornholm, Denmark
    A new agnostid trilobite from the Skryje-Týřovice area (Middle Cambrian, Jince Formation, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    New data on the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian geotectonic setting of the Teplá-Barrandian volcano-sedimentary successions: geochemistry, U-Pb zircon ages, and provenance (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    New finds of agnostid trilobites in the Skryje-Týřovice area (Middle Cambrian, Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    Ptychopariid trilobites in the Middle Cambrian of Central Bohemia (taxonomy, biostratigraphy, synecology)
    Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cambrian genus Volborthella
    Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cambrian genus Volborthella