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    Comparison of U-Series and Radiocarbon Dates of Speleothems
    Geochemistry of the deposit zone of the tanzanite occurrence in Merelani (northern Tanzania)
    Kornerupine parageneses in whiteschists and other magnesian rocks: is kornerupine + talc a high-pressure assemblage equivalent to tourmaline + ortoamphibole?
    Low-temperature calorimetric and magnetic data for natural end-members of the axinite group
    Minerály na známkách - XV
    Morphology, taxonomy and distribution of the Cretaceous coral genus Preverastraea (Late Barremian-Cenomanian; Scleractinia)
    Možnosti využívání ložiska vločkového grafitu v Tanzánii
    The origin of melanophlogite, a clathrate mineral, in natrocarbonatite lava at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
    Ringové struktury a komplexy ve východoafrickém riftovém systému (Egypt, Tanzanie)
    Structural properties of ferromagnesian cordierites