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    Complex twinning, polytypism and disorder phenomena in the crystal structures of antimonpearceite and arsenpolybasite
    Cresson Vug - vzpomínka na nejslavnější zlatou dutinu
    Manitouscolex, a new palaeoscolecidan genus from the Lower Ordovician of Colorado
    Mazzettiite, Ag3HgPbSbTe5, a new mineral species from Findley Gulch, Saguache County, Colorado, USA
    Největší světová ložiska molybdenových rud - Climax a Henderson v USA
    Shell heterostrophy in Early Ordovician Macluritella Kirk, 1927 and its implications for phylogeny and classification of Macluritoidea (Gastropoda)
    Some structural properties of cookeite minerals