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    Anuran Ilia from the Upper Cretaceous of Utah - Diversity and Stratigraphic Patterns
    Development of the anterior part of skull in the Anura
    Development of the Pectoral Girdle in Discoglossus (Anura: Discoglossidae)
    Development of the pelvis and posterior part of the vertebral column in the Anura
    Developmental Origin of the Frontoparietal Bone in Bombina variegata (Anura: Discoglossidae)
    The evolution of amphibian metamorphosis: insights based on the transformation of the aortic arches of Pelobates fuscus (Anura)
    Evolution of anuran assemblages in the Tertiary and Quaternary of Europe, in the context of palaeoclimate and palaeogeography
    Gigantism in tadpoles of the Neogene frog Palaeobatrachus
    Larval development and evolutionary origin of the anuran skull
    Larval development in Oligocene palaeobatrachid frogs
    The Late Cretaceous frog Gobiates from Central Asia: its evolutionary status and possible phylogenetic relationships
    Mesozoic and Tertiary Anura of Laurasia
    Ontogeny in Tertiary Frogs
    Origin of anuran jumping locomotion: inference from functional morphology and comparative anatomy
    Patterns of larval development in Cretaceous pipid frogs
    Pelvic and thigh musculature in frogs (Anura) and origin of anuran jumping locomotion
    Similarities and differences in the ilia of Late Cretaceous anurans and urodeles
    Structure and Development of the Ethmoidal Part of the Skull in Anura, and Its Ancestral Pattern in Temnospondyli
    Thaumastosaurus bottii, amphibien anoure des phosphorites. Des anciennes collections aux nouvelles r├ęcoltes
    Transformation of the pectoral girdle in the evolutionary origin of frogs: insights from the primitive anuran Discoglossus
    Transformations of Aortic Arches During Metamorphosis of the Spade-Foot Toad, Pelobates fuscus