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    An annotated list of the Oligocene fish fauna from the Osíčko locality (Menilitic Fm.; Moravia, the Czech Republic)
    Hydrobiotite from the Dětaň Oligocene tuffs (Doupovské hory Mts.)
    Ichnofabric in terrestrial volcanic context Dětaň locality, Oligocene, Czech Republic)
    Larval development in Oligocene palaeobatrachid frogs
    A multidisciplinary study of the locality Dětaň (Oligocene, Doupovské hory Mts. - volcanic complex, Czech Republic
    A new species of the Oligocene pomfret fish Paucaichthys (Perciformes; Bramidae) from Iran
    A new species of the sleeper goby (Gobioidei, Eleotridae) from the České Středohoří Mountains (Czech Republic, Oligocene) and analysis of the validity of the family Pirskeniidae
    "Non-adult" fish fauna of the Hermanowa locality (Oligocene; Outer Carpathian; Poland) - preliminary review
    Notes on developmental morphology of Oligocene trachinid fisch Trachinus minutus
    Problematic microscopic trace (?) fossils, Oligocene, Slovakia
    Some monocot pollen taxa from the Lower Miocene basal coaly deposits of the Czech and Polish parts of the Żytawa (Zittau) Basin
    A Study of the Dětaň Locality (Oligocene, Doupovské hory Mts. Volcanic Complex, Czech Republic): Collection of Field Data and Starting Points for Interpretation