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    acoustic emission
    Acoustic and electromagnetic emission as a tool for crack localization
    Acoustic Emission Characteristics and Failure of Uniaxially Stressed Granitic Rocks: the Effect of Rock Fabric
    Acoustic emission induced by thermal heating of rocks
    AE Kaiser effect and electromagnetic emission in the deformation of rock sample
    Analysis of cracks creation kinetics by electromagnetic and acoustic emission
    Assessment of velocity anisotropy in rocks
    Determination of the anisotropy of elastic waves monitored by a sparse sensor network
    Electromagnetic and acoustic emission from solid body
    Factors influencing the origin of the acoustic emission in rock samples in unaxial stress conditions
    Failure of weak to strong sandstones: monitoring and observation of fracture phenomena
    Faktory ovlivňující vznik akustických emisí za jednoosého a trojosého stavu napjatosti
    High-order statistics as a tool for automatic determination of sign and arrival time of acoustic emission signals
    Laboratory Studies of Acoustic Emission prior to Uniaxial Compressive Rock Failure
    Lokalizace jevů akustické emise v anizotropním prostředí
    The migration of acoustic emission foci in the dependence on acting load of rock samples