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    Adsorpce toxických oxoaniontů Se na povrchově upravený kaolin
    Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxide Control on Sulfate and Phosphate in Sediment-Solution Systems
    Combined isotherm of adsorption and absorption on coal and differentiation of both processes
    Determination of coal surface area from CO2 isotherm after correction on swelling
    Determination of coal surface area from CO2 isotherm with correction on absorption
    Methane and carbon dioxide sorption in gasbearing coals from upper silesian coal basin
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as efective sorbents of hazardeous axyanions from aqueous systems
    Sorption behaviour of methane and carbon dioxide on coal
    Sorption of alkylammonium cations on montmorillonite
    Vysokoteplotní adsorpce HCI z plynných směsí na uměle připravených sorbentech