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    anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility
    AMS record of brittle dilation, viscous-stretching and gravity-driven magma ascent in area of magma-rich crustal extension (Vosges Mts., NE France)
    Anisoft 4.2. - Anisotropy data browser
    Correlation between magnetic anisotropy and phyllosilicate preferred orientation for various sedimentary rocks
    Determination of field-independent and field-dependent components of anisotropy of susceptibility through standard AMS measurement in variable low fields II: An example from the ultramafic body and host granulitic rocks at Bory in the Moldanubian Zone of Western Moravia, Czech Republic
    Formation of elongated granite-migmatite domes as isostaticaccommodation structures in collisional orogensKry
    The magnetic fabric in undeformed clays: AMS and neutron texture analyses from the Rif Chain (Morocco)
    The mechanism of flow and fabric development in mechanically anisotropic trachyte lava
    On the interpretation of normal and inverse magnetic fabric in dikes
    On the interpretation of normal and inverse magnetic fabric in dikes: Examples from the Eger Graben, NW Bohemian Massif
    The origin of tectonic lineation in extensional basins: Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays
    Petrophysical and geochemical constraints on alteration processes in granites
    Rekonstrukce směrů proudění pomocí měření anizotropie magnetické susceptibility ve fluviálních sedimentech Ochozské jeskyně, Moravský kras
    What does AMS tell us about emplacement of granites: Comparative K-feldspar and AMS fabric study